Friday, August 29, 2008

Tweets for Today

  • 23:39 Lost at the casino tonight. Got my blog up before I turned into a pumpkin. It was close this tme. - #
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  1. What kind of gambling was it? I will do an occasional slot machine, but only with a couple of bucks... I figure writing is enough of a gamble. :-)

    Hey, Morgan, do you have another blog too or is this your main one?

  2. Hi Zhadi,
    I love playing slots. Won tonight. Lost last night. So much more fun to win, even if I only came out $10 ahead!
    Right now this is my main blog, but I also have 2 group blogs at and
    I also blog at, sometimes at any of the ning networks I belong to if there's something special, I've got one at Live Journal, but don't usually go on there. Also have one at this network called Friendsmix which I usually refer to my other blogs when I put something up there. Also have Blogs that Rule, which is a blog listing blogs. Another for Sixty and Savvy, but that's just to direct people to my Ning network,
    Signal wasn't coming in too good last night or during the day, so now I'm catching up on my e-mails while it's working. One of the problems with visiting the NorthWoods.
    Morgan Mandel


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