Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Ask Angela About Blogger Awards & SEO

Blogger Awards: When Can You Turn Awards Down?

Q: Hi! I couldn't find the answer to my question on my Internet search, but found your site. I see award pictures in the column of people's blogs, and sometimes read a reference to them, that makes me think most of them were made up by other bloggers, and then passed around by each other.

Well, now, someone who is a new follower of mine, has told me in a comment on my blog that she has three awards for me to pick up at her blog. The name of her blog has a word that is offensive to me in it, and I'm wondering if I accept her awards, that will create links to her blog.

I think she may sell art she creates, too. I don't want to be a part of the word in her blog title, plus, she uses it in her posts.

I'm not sure what I think about awards from other bloggers in general. If it had been from a fellow gardener, or someone I knew better, I may feel differently. If it was from an organization of some kind, I would love it! Oh, and by the way, someone "tagged" me recently, and I politely turned it down, as it reminds me of a chain letter. I knew she would be OK with it, as I had known her through a garden forum before I started blogging. I have noticed some people have a little spot on their sidebar that lets others know they don't participate in these things. Maybe I should do that.

So, to get to my main question, is it rude to turn down awards, once they have been offered? Is there such a thing as award etiquette?

Angela Says: Sue -
I took a glance at the blog - which will remain unnamed here. It is busy, with spelling and grammatical errors, and no sense of real "flow." This appears to be more of a personal blog showcasing an artist's work, with some helpful hints for general viewers, but doesn't really relate to your nature-themed blog, A Corner Garden. You are also a Christian blogger, and that means you have to be doubly careful who you link to.

Sometimes, bloggers who want to improve their site hits (or sell products) will create spam comments - including fake contests - to drive traffic to their site. These comments always include a direct link to their site. There are two major reasons for this:

Each time that link is posted, Google picks it up and it improves their page rankings. They don't necessarily care if you like the content or not. They want their links out there.

If they are selling products, they are hoping that a few of the right people click and buy. It is the same concept as those male enlargement e-mails everyone receives. Spammers would not continue to send those e-mails if someone wasn't clicking a link.

Legit awards are awarded at Blogger Choice, Blog Catalog, Writer's Digest 101 Top Web sites and Predators and Editors, or individual organizations like Romance Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, Science Fiction Fantasy Writers, etc. Do not feel obligated to participate in every blogging contest - or accept awards if the groups offer service that are disagreeable to you. For example, a Christian author would not want to accept an award from an erotic fiction group.

In a shameless plug, you can vote for for a 2009 Bloggers Choice Best Business Blog award.
Good luck!
~ Angela


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  1. Thanks, Angela, for your fabulous advice.

    Thanks, Morgan, for having Angela on your blog!

  2. Nancy -

    Thanks for visiting!

    Angela Wilson

  3. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Good stuff, Angela. Love your last name, too (smile) Hey thanks for sharing with us, both of you. On the awards thing, if it as esteemed colleague who makes up an award for me I'll accept, and of course an award won at a legitimate popularity contest or something is always more than welcome. But I do tire of the enless meme & tag games. Getting a bit stale in Blogdom, dontcha think?

  4. The only time I like the meme games is when I can't figure out what to put in my blog.

    Morgan Mandel

  5. The only time I like the meme games is when I can't figure out what to put in my blog.

    Morgan Mandel


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