Sunday, December 21, 2008

New Fad - People Are Being Nice

A new fad seems to be growing lately. I don't know why, but for some reason people are being nice.

At the stores, the sales people are actually helping me find things. Not only that, they do so in a pleasant manner and even make conversation with me. This has happened not only at card shops, retail stores, but also at grocery stores.

At the cafeteria where I go to lunch almost every day, the chef talks sports with another diner, then asks me what sport I like the best. I confess to him I'm a fair weather fan, as people who've read my Honest Scrap blog here already learned.

Anyway, when I went to pay the bill at the same cafeteria, the cashier says, "Nice to see you again."

At the restaurant Saturday night, the same thing happens. Before, my waitresses would hide from me and pretend I wasn't there. Not this time. The waitress appeared instantly and was very friendly. Not only that, the busboy came over more than once and asked to take away the dirty dishes.

I'm across the street from church trying to navigate the sidewalk when a huge pile of ice-crusted snow blocks my path. My glasses are fogged. I can barely see. I'm not sure how I'll get safely across. A woman appears out of nowhere and holds out her hand to help me. Okay, maybe this one doesn't count since you might expect someone going to Church to be nice.

Still, I'm extremely puzzled about what's going on lately. What is this strange phenomenom? Am I lost in a pleasant dream or is this really happening? If it is, why are people being so nice? Is it the poor economy and they're worried if they don't behave as they should have all along, they might lose their jobs?

Or is the Holiday spirit catching on?

Whatever the reason for this current fad of nicety and helpfulness, I hope it lasts.

What about you? Are you experiencing good will or good service lately at stores, restaurants, or other places? If so, what do you think is the reason? Or, is there one? Please share.


  1. It's the new change and I don't mean menopausal. It's already begun. The cashiers have been wonderful, joking around and everything and I surprised myself by joking back. I'm a changed person out there and a lot of people are changing, too. Isn't it wonderful? What a very nice and inspiring blog post, Morgan. Merry Christmas!

  2. CynthiaCantrell6:37 PM

    Tis the reason of the Season! Jesus is the reason!
    I wish this were true for it all, but alas...I do believe sales has a lot to do with it too.

  3. People ARE nice these days. I waited in a really, REALLY long line at Border's the other day and everyone was nice, from the people waiting to the salestaff. Impressive!

  4. Where are these nice people? Can you please send some in my direction? I've been waited on by some real Scrooges this season.

  5. Unlike most women I know, I hate to shop, especially in crowded stores, so for me, Christmas shopping is a total nightmare. But I too have noticed that although the shops have been crowded, people seem to be less agitated this year. I actually had someone open a door for me today instead of letting it slam in my face.

    I don’t know what the answer is, except to say that we’ve cut back on our gift giving this year. There are several presents under the tree, but nothing excessive. It feels good to not be stressed out about the need to buy everything little Tommy or Debbie asked for (know what I mean?).

    Maybe everyone else has done the same.

  6. I'm with Marta, I don't like shopping either. However, took my middle daughter shopping and we had a great time.

    Maybe because I'm older people are usually nice to me. I try to smile a lot--and then seems to have an affect on others.

    Where I live, we have a lot of young men who look like gang-bangers, and maybe they are, but they also look like the young men who used to hang around our house with the grandson who lived with us the last go around. I smile at them, and their mean looks disappear and they smile back.

    Merry Christmas one and all!


  7. I think it's a great trend! I noticed it yesterday morning when I hit JC Penney at 7am. (I had some Christmas cash and just wanted to shop without the crowds.) Every employee greated me with a big smile and friendly hello. Considering the hour, I was quite impressed!!!


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