Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Please Pass The Global Warming Over to Illinois

We could really use some global warming over here. Yesterday was the worst ever, with freezing rain, sleet and snow the night before making walking and driving most hazardous.

The DH had to be at work at six o'clock but it took him forty-five minutes to clear the van windows of ice, so he was late thirty minutes.

We're only a little over five blocks from the train and I usually have no problem walking. Yesterday, I had big problems. Try crossing a street when you know you'll be stepping down onto ice from the curb. It's not easy. I had to walk around near the curbs to find the best spot to cross, the one with the least amount of ice so I could step over it.

The wind was biting, with a below zero index. The sidewalks were slippery, with only a small coating of snow, not enough for traction, over the ice. I ended up walking on the grass when I could and stepping very carefully over driveways and other areas where there was no grass to walk on.

I left the house 12 minutes early. It usually takes me 13 minutes to get to the train. Yesterday, the gates went down right after I had crossed over.

My problems weren't over yet. Downtown, there's this wonderful bridge over the Chicago River I had to navigate over. You guessed it. It was also icy and scary. Once I'd made it across, the rest of the sidewalks weren't too bad. At that point I only had to put up with the horribly cold wind that had kept blowing the entire morning.

Now we've got a prediction of 3-5 inches of snow at least.,
Please pass us some global warming. We could use it in Illinois.


  1. I'm hoping for some global warming your way too. We're heading to Omaha in a couple of days, and after that will be going to Chicago to see my son for a few days (if we can get there, and we may stay longer if it snows more!). Hope it will warm up for you!

  2. Jeez louise...be careful, MOrgan! Driving and walking on ice is one of the scariest things I've ever done. Brrrrrr!!! ANd I don't even have any warm weather to send your way - it's rainy and in the low '40s here in San Francisco right now. Which for us is quite cold.

  3. Man, Joyce, I'm cold just reading that! We've been cold here, too, but nothing compared to what you're having. I'm not sure we even got to freezing last night, but I'm wearing socks with my sandals.

    Stay home!


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