Sunday, December 28, 2008

Trials by Wind, Cold, Snow, Water

A new river - the backyard!
First we had the trial by wind, coupled with that of cold, when the wind chills dipped to 25-30 degrees below zero. Then came the trial by snow, when we were blessed with 12 inches of the white stuff. The latest is the trial by water, which began Friday night. All day Saturday it rained, alternating between light and heavy. Do you believe it? A tornado watch in parts of Illinois and Indiana in December. Fortunately, that's been lifted and we're spared that trial.

The good news is so far the ceiling in the kitchen is not dripping. We did have ice shoring up beneath the shingles from our prior trials. I was kind of worried about water dripping down the kitchen ceiling, since that had happened a few days before Christmas. We managed to control it with a few towels and a bowl then, but I didn't know what heavy rains would do so soon afterwards.

The bad news is seepage in the basement started very early Saturday morning and is still going on. This only happens in extreme circumstances, which is certainly the case this time. I know from experience to keep valuables on higher ground, such as on tables, or chairs or counters down there, just in case, so I didn't have to worry about rescuing items. So far, not sewer backup so at least it's not the germy stuff, relatively speaking anyway.

Normally, we can handle a day or so of rains, but not after the recent snowstorm which dumped 12 inches of snow on us. When the snow melted, it had to go somewhere. Some of it poured into the window wells, some under the window wells. Some gathered alongside the patio, making the river effect in my photo. Lots went into the storm sewers on the street outside.

When I watch TV and see the damage wreaked on other homes in the area and see the travelers stranded at the airport, I consider myself lucky. I was able to get to the show and use up my free pass before its expiration at year's end.
At home, the DH, I and Rascal still have electricity, heat and food. My computer and TV are in working order. What more do I need?
What about you? Have you had any weather related problems lately? Did it play havoc with your Christmas or the days after? Please share.


  1. We've had snow, rain that froze and caused black ice, fog and high winds that have left us with a few less shingles, but so far, so good. We're weathering one of the worst winters in recent history. So much for global warming!

  2. Knock on wood but so far, no problems here! Haven't run completely out of fuel yet although it's been close so the son-in-law has picked up a 10-gallon can of fuel a couple of times -trying to wait to have enough case to fill the fuel tank completely ya know. No one has slid off the road as yet (from my family anyway) and no leavky roof, no power outages either! All is good then, I can say!

  3. We have had a lot of ice and freezing rain so far this winter, which is really no good. You can't drive on ice even with a 4 wheel drive vehicle. I tend to hibernate this time of year, like a big grumpy bear. I hope that your winter weather improves. Flooding is never a good thing to have to go through.

  4. My heart goes out to all of you who are suffering through the winter months. I use to live in St. Louis and totally understand what winter means with freezing rain, heavy snow, and floods. Now I live in Florida and have been through Hurricane Charley in '04 when it blew into town and through the state. It took us several weeks to get electricity on in 104 degree humidity, running water, streets cleared, and gasoline for our cars. Actually it's these kinds of stressful experiences that make you a better person to appreciate living each day. My prayers are definitely with all of you struggling in these adverse conditions of winter. Yes, where is global warming now.

  5. I've heard we may have peace in the land of Illinois on Monday. I hope so. I look forward to being able to walk on my own two feet to the train again without fear of the elements.

    I actually got to walk the dog a few blocks today, though the wind was atrocious. She was happy to get out of the yard for a change.

    Morgan Mandel

  6. We've been lucky with no bad weather, however... Raleigh set a record yesterday with 76 degrees!

    Glad you are safe with no real damage. I remember a river of rain in my backyard in Arkansas, coming within inches of the back door...

  7. Down here in south central Texas away from the coast, we seldom have bad weather—except very hot summers. I pray for the safety of everyone affected by this terrible weather.


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