Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ahhh or Feel Good Moments

I was happy tagged last week by Debra St. John at Acme Authors Link. Since I've already done a happy blog and tagged off, today will be a variation, with no tags involved.

Today is about my feel good moments, which I call Ahhh moments. They're kind of like happy, but not as deep. Here are they are:

1. Seeing a cute baby or puppy.

2. Having a teller or supermarket register open up after I've been waiting in a long line.

3. Sitting down after standing for a while.

4. Stepping into where it's warm after being out in the cold, or vice versa, stepping into a cool place after being out in the heat.

5. Feeling the shower water on my back.

6. Getting out early from work on a day before a holiday.

7. Thinking up a fun topic for my blog.

8. Landing a book signing at a store. Hand in hand with that is selling one of my books.

9. Taking off my boots or shoes and putting on my slippers at home.

10.Having a cool drink when I'm thirsty.

Now it's your turn. What are your Ahhh moments? Do you share some of mine? Remember, they don't have to be deep, just feel good moments. Please share.


  1. Anonymous9:36 AM

    I'll ditto the slippers and getting to sit down for awhile.
    MY Ahhh moment would be feeling the heater warm up the room after working all night long in the cold(frozen food) Relaxing at a nice blog with my coffee next to the puter' Unwinding with a good movie while eating lunch/dinner/breakfast? After working all night I don't know what to call my one meal? Getting an extra hours worth of sleep is the best Ahhh in the universe

  2. Being able to sleep in on a cold, gloomy winter day! ahhhhhh......

  3. Thanks for playing, Morgan! One of my 'ahhh' moments is sleeping in on a summer weekday and being able to hang out in my jammies for most of the morning.

  4. 1. Having someone massage my back.
    2. Getting an extra hour of sleep in the morning.
    3. Chocolate
    4. Watching Johnny Depp in any of the Pirate movies, but especially the first one.
    5. Getting new pictures of my nieces and nephews.
    6. Connecting with new friends online.
    7. Blog hopping
    8. Winning books (I love to read)
    10. Having tea with Mom (I saved the best for last).


  5. Morgan,
    I'll go with all ten of yours and add: getting off the stationary bicycle after pedaling for an hour; and stepping into the sunshine on a mild, beautiful morning.

    Bob Sanchez

  6. My Ahh moments would be actually enjoying an hour of uniterrupted reading. (Hard to acquire with the twins running amuck.)

    Spending time with my mom and dad steeped in 'adult' conversation. Who thought I would live for those moments when I was younger?

  7. ah yes, I do have some of yours :) and one of my other favs is, walking into a place like Panera bread or Starbucks where the smells are those that make you go ahhhhh

  8. Cuddling in bed with a great book after a long day...

    Sitting down with a cool drink after a workout...

    Having a back massage when my muscles are sore...

    Finding the perfect ending to a story...

    Seeing my dog every morning...

  9. Great blog, Morgan.

    I'd say a warm bubble bath is my favorite.

  10. Anonymous4:19 PM

    Great ones everyone. How about feeling the car warm up as the heater turns warm.

  11. I love crawling between fresh crispy sheets at the end of a long busy day.

    Jane Kennedy Sutton

  12. Stepping out into the first snow of the season and taking a deep breath...

    Getting a hug from your child the minute you walk in the door...

    Sitting down at the end of the day to watch a movie with your hubby.

  13. Heh - I think you may have seen my post relating creativity to long showers!

  14. 1. Slipping into clean sheets and knowing I don't have to be up early.
    2. Making my husband or son laugh. (The other day, my son actually said, "I wish I had a video camera to record you sometimes.")
    3. Scratching my mare's neck while she lays her nose against my chest - it's the definition of contentment.
    4. Watching my gelding in the show ring - he's so gorgeous.
    5. Seeing my book cover - soon it will be published!


  15. Great topic, Morgan! Mine are:

    1. My almost 16 year old son still hugging me in front of his friends.

    2. My morning wake up ritual with my dog, Sam.

    3. Snuggling under my down comforter on a cold night.

    4. Being greeted by my fur/feather kids like I'm the most important person in the world-and I've only been gone 15 minutes!

    5. Watching a thunderstorm.

  16. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Mine all have to do with sleeping:

    1. Getting into a clean bed wearing clean pajamas after a hot shower.
    2. Resting my face on the cooler side of the pillow.
    3. Having my husband wake me up by massaging my scalp.

  17. This was fun. Thanks.

    1. sipping ice coffee in the morning

    2. 4 day weekends

    3. sitting by the beach with a book

    4. Sitting in a quiet church

    5. Hugs


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