Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Fitness - Do You Do Anything to Keep Fit?

Last Saturday I finally got back to my Step Class at the Park District. Prior to our savage winter, I'd gone to class every Saturday. Too many excuses kept me from attending for almost three months - snowstorm upon snowstorm, icy roads, conflicting events, you name it. I could have made up for missing class by working out on our eliptical machine, but it was easier to get wrapped up in writing or blogging instead.

For those blustery months, I also missed out on my twice daily walks with Rascal. I opened the back door and let her out into our fenced yard instead. Also, instead of walking to the train station, I let my husband drive me there. I couldn't chance slipping on the ice or freezing in the zero weather.

A partial solution came to me a few weeks ago. That Saturday, plus this past Saturday and Sunday, the DH and I parked in the parking garage in our village's downtown, where the sidewalks are clear. We then were able to safely walk Rascal to her favorite hangout, Bentley's Corner Barkery. We finished our trek by picking up a DVD at the library five blocks away.

I'm not a gunho fitness fanatic, but I couldn't believe how good it felt to move around and exercise again after so long without it. I'm hoping to get more opportunities to do so in the coming weeks as the weather gets better. Another conflicting event will keep me from exercising again this coming weekend - the 11th annual Love Is Murder Conference. I'll have to settle for walking from panel to panel for that occasion.

I know I've put on weight. I really want to get back into the exercise routine. I can't ignore my health. What about you? What do you do to keep fit? Have you had trouble exercising this winter? Please share.


  1. Exercise! Now there's a word that has become a dirty one in my book. I know I should find something that would give me at least a little bit of exercise as I am entirely too sedentary but what?
    About the only thing I could do is walking however, as you stated about the weather, that would really be prohibitive during the winter months here. Just getting out of the house and up to where the cars are parked is treacherous and I'm not about to risk a fall and broken bones! I tell myself every year come spring, I will get out, walk around the village a bit then, but somehting always comes up that keeps me inside some more. Maybe this year will be different and I can take the two little grandkids out with me for a walk? Maybe.

  2. My question is...how do you get into a routine at the beginning? If I don't keep it up, fine, that's on me, but how do you start? I neeeeed help! I know spring is coming and I can get outside more but will I? I know that when the weather gets warm, I can ride my bike again and I will but will it be enough of a difference for me to see results so I will keep on? Sigh. I need a fitness book. Or stop eating.

  3. I find walking is a great form of exercise. I just need to do more of it more often.

  4. Hi Guys,
    I am a Yoga instructor and I created a DVD called Groovy Goddess that can get you started rain or shine. Its set up in 15 min shorts or one hour long class. Anyone can do this DVD!
    Try it and let me know what you think. I also wrote a book that is a weekly read with daily exercises to help change negative patterns to more positive one.
    The book is called The Key To Life Is Balance and you can find them both on amazon or my site at www.thegroovygoddess.com

  5. Hi Morgan,

    I agree the weather is awful and the poor dogs feel it.

    I walk inside-in three to five ten minute intervals. Then I try to do yoga once a day-again ten minutes.

    I don't lose weight but I haven't gained. HAve fun at Love Is Murder.

  6. Walking is the best way for anyone to start! Even a thirty minute walk after dinner can do wonders.

    I've always been active, although I've had my slug moments. My husband goes to Gold's Gym four times a week and I used our treadmill, exercise equipment, and workout vidoes at home.

    It feels good to exercise! People who don't just do not realize what they are missing...

    L. Diane Wolfe

  7. Anonymous11:06 AM

    I walk. Every day. At least two miles, sometimes 5 or even ten if I have the time and energy. I used to jog when younger but I blew both my knees out and my doc told me my body isn't the right type for prolonged running, but walking is good exercise for me.

  8. Love is Murder will probably put some exercise back into your life, either power walking from one event to another, or running from fans. Don't hide in a bathroom stall; they can find you there. Did you get that teddy bear I slid under the door last year?

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  10. I walk, 2 miles, everyday. Either outside when it's nice or inside at the little gym my apartment place has. Turns out I do better on the treadmill, but get bored faster. Then I remembered audio books :D Life saver on the treadmill.

    I got started because the doctor told me to get my butt in gear and start exercising.

  11. I try to walk an hour a day on my treadmill, umfortunately, England doesn't have the best weather to go walking out in.

  12. I can't imagine not exercising. I do it at least five days a week.
    I have Wii Fit and exercise tapes for the winter. The dog gets me out in the warmer weather.
    My fave tapes are The Biggest Loser and Leslie Sansone.

  13. I have an elliptical at home. I was a member of a gym, but the expense hurt too much plus having a home machine just works better for me.

    As for a routine, I start small. Five minutes a day. Then ten minutes. Then fifteen, so on and so forth. I've now broken it up into three sections of ten minutes.

  14. I love hopping on the treadmill, though since I've been sick with lung issues so often this winter, it's not been as steady as I would like. In fact, I think I need to go get on the treadmill right now. Before I come up with another excuse NOT to get on there tonight.

  15. I walk all day as part of my job. I must admit I probably wouldn't do it otherwise, but it's been good for me.

  16. Anonymous11:22 PM

    I work out with light weights and have a piece or two of exercise equipment in the house. I have a job that keeps me on the run nearly eight or nine hours and often I walk the two miles back home.

  17. I take my dog out for a walk. Sometimes I do 20 mins on the elliptical machine, but I hate it!

  18. Anonymous1:03 PM

    I like kickboxing, yoga, and hula-hooping. Luckily, those can be done indoors during MN's epic winters. During the summer I'm always outside hiking, walking the dog, and canoeing.

  19. Anonymous3:49 PM

    I'm with you. I need to walk more. I go from my house to my aunt's house and that's it. I don't even want to know how bad off I am. I'll have to use you as an inspiration!!!
    Jo Ann Hernandez

  20. Well, I live in Southern California, so it's a little easier for me than for a lot of folks.

    That said, I exercise a lot. And so should you!

    I have a close to 7 mile walk that I do a few times a week, shorter walks on other days, I lift weights at least twice a week, ride the recumbent lifecycle a couple times a week, and do a hard yoga class (over an hour) once a week. I have a Mini Stepper (you can get it at Amazon for $50) that fits in even my little house that I use when I don't get enough exercise in a day and I start going stir-crazy. I also have a bunch of dumbbells that I use when I just can't make myself go to the gym and I need to go. I have this great thing called a TRX that I take with me when I travel.

    And I still could lose about 10 pounds.

    But I couldn't function if I didn't exercise regularly. I'm *cough* over 40 and it's even more important than when I was younger.


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