Sunday, February 15, 2009

What do you do with your days off - Crash or Dash?

Today, I'm off work from my day job because of President's Day, but I'm not sitting idle. Well, I'm sitting, but not idle. I'm getting my mystery, Killer Career, together to send out to my editor, Helen Ginger, plus I'm determined to make headway on my Boomer thriller, stuck at 63,000 words, when my goal is 75,000.

Not to mention, but I will anyway, I have some questions to answer at the Blog Book Tours listserv about my Ning network, Book Place, some other e-mails to answer, blogs to comment on, Twitter to control - I've gone from 664 followers to 764 in less than a week. Apparently, Twitter is the new "in" place to be.

Did I mention, it's my day to blog over at ? You're more than welcome to stop there for fun stuff about turning the ordinary to scary.

Getting back to my day. Other mundane matters must be dealt with, such as the laundry, the pots and pans in the sink, the newspapers scattered around, the coats and jackets left on the rocking chair, all of which were neglected since I knew I had Monday off. Oh, and Rascal says I better take her on a long walk, because Tuesday will turn ugly weatherwise.

No problem. Everything is under control. I've got some sticky notes to remind me of what to do. I'm actually looking forward to getting things done.

What about you? How do you spend an extra day off? Do you like to keep busy or simply relax? Or, maybe sometimes you like to crash, but other times you like to dash? Please share.


  1. In the words of the lady in When Harry Met Sally who, after Sally has a fake orgasm at the table, says, "I'll have what she's having!," Morgan you're an inspiration. ;o)

    To answer the question, I don't have days off! I work on the weekend at a day job but on days I'm technically "off" from that, I'm running the online job, sooo no days off for me. However, I can take a day off away from both jobs whenever I want and what do I choose? Catch up on things to get me ahead. So I guess my answer is dash!

  2. Hmm, stay at home mommy here, so all my days are pretty much the same. But since I didn't take the oldest to pre-k today, I'm still in my pjs. :-)

  3. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Well I'm mostly retired and write full time, so I have to FORCE myself to take a day off. That or my wife forces me.

  4. A day off? What the heck is that?

    Today I am enjoying my birthday and avoiding the computer - and since I am a Type-A hyperactive person, I guess you'd have to classify it as a 'dash.'

    L. Diane Wolfe

  5. Hi Morgan,

    Thanks for the reminder about President's Day- I would have tried to mail something. :)

    Since I work at home, my days are pretty much the same-thank goodness for the view from my window or I'd never know what season it was.

    Have fun on your walks!

  6. My idea of crashing is going to bed at 11:00 instead of at 1:00 AM. Today is pretty much like every other day. As my talk radio mentioned today - pretty much the only people with a day off are those working for the government. Hmmm...something a little disturbing about that idea.

    As some of the others have commented, I only take a day off when forced to do so. Seems like the older I get, the faster I feel compelled to work!

    Sharon Reece

  7. I take every Sunday off. It's the only time I use to read books and get creative with my other hobbies... LOL oh! And spend time with my family! hahaha! But I'm so addicted to writing... it just about kills me to take sundays off.

  8. Enjoy your day for me I use it to catch up on reading, projects around the house and to do something I don't enjoy doing on a work day...COOKING FOR THE FAMILY.

  9. I vacuumed yesterday. I figure that will cover the housecleaning for this month. Since both my husband and I work out of the house (I'm in my spare bedroom/office and he's in his loft/office), we have no days off.

    I like taking Ruffles out. I get to see the sun. So, take Rascal for a walk and tell her Ruffles says hi.

  10. I love a good day off. If I'm really exhausted after a long week writing, editing and working my day job, I will take a weekend day and just vegetate on the sofa with a book. Bit it doesn't last long. Usually by mid-day, I'm out here catching up on everything I've missed for the day or fleshing out a short story. I'm a workaholic... but it's good work and I love it.

    Jenny Bean
    Get Inside the Bean

  11. On my days off I'd like to have some peace and quiet. But since I seldom get to be home by myself, I take up cleaning and other house chores.

  12. I dash, then crash. Right now I'm in my pjs. I've been going full speed all day.

  13. Even when I have a day off, it's not really so. I tend to write in my spare time, or whenever the dynamic duo will let me, but the twins excel at keeping my refereeing skills honed to perfection on my 'off' time.

  14. I tend to dash on my days off. Catch up on errands. And it is my only day to write and do social networking. I feel glued to my computer sometimes.


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