Wednesday, March 11, 2009

DePaul Pulls Off Miracle Win

My husband and I met at DePaul in sophomore year and got married a year after we graduated. For a while, we were both rabid DePaul basketball fans. Those were the days of Coach Ray Meyer, Mark Aguirre, Terry Cummings, and other basketball greats. We agonized each year about whether or not DePaul would make it to the NCAA, then we turned into basket cases the times they did get in.

Well, the DH is still a loyal fan. He's stuck with the team through the years, which have turned very lean, this year being one of the worst. They lost every game in their conference. Some say they're outclassed in the Big East Conference.

I don't watch or go to as many games as I used to. I'd rather write or read a book. In fact, my mystery Two Wrongs, features a main character who's a pro basketball player.

Still, when my husband called me at work on Tuesday to say DePaul beat Cincinnati in the conference tournament, I did feel a rush of joy, reminiscent of how I felt way back when. They play again at 11:00 a.m. today, so we'll see how they do. Even if they lose, we'll still be happy they had their one shining moment this year.

What about you? Are you a sports fan? If so, what kind of sport do you like? If not, that's okay, too. You can join my club of fair weather fans. Please share.

P.S. DePaul lost by 9 points today, but at least they had one brief shining moment of happiness. Kind of like life, I guess.


  1. Used to be a phoenix suns fan... back when I lived there and they were awesome.. now since living overseas we haven't kept up with any sports really... we'll see what it's like when we head back home this summer. (Go DePaul! LOL! Better to cheer for yours, since I don't have one!) Jenni

  2. Anonymous8:29 AM

    Oooh yeah - BIG sports fan. It's about the only thing I watch on TV - except for History, Discovery and Nat'l Geographic channels. Unfortunately, here in Michigan, my Lions are the pussycats of the gridiron, and the Pistons, usually my favorite team to watch, suck the big one this year. Here's hoping for a better Tigers team this spring. U of M & MSU teams I root for too.

  3. You've just been awarded the 'Sisterhood Award'

    Stop by for details!

  4. I am not a sports fan at all, but I can get caught up in any atmosphere so take me to live anything and i'll be cheering and shouting abuse at the ref with the best of them.

  5. Love sports!!!

    Don't follow college basketball much although always watch some of the March Madness. Enjoy college football - really pulled for the Gators this year in support of their amazing quarterback. (And I'm biased - two of my main characters atend U of F.)

    Professional football and hockey are my favorites! Both Pittsburgh - the Steelers and the Penguins.

    And for me, baseball is only interesting when attending minor league games.

    L. Diane Wolfe

  6. Back in the day I used to play football. Not professionally. Torch Junior High 1970, in La Puente, CA. Tackle football in P.E. class. Got busted by the girls gym teacher for teaching the other girls in my class. We were supposed to be playing flag football. Wusses. I was sent to the principal's office and he laughed so hard my gym teacher gave up and told me to go back to class!
    Used to play baseball on our block from age 9 to 13. Team captain was my dad and us five kids. The other team was the dad across the street and his two kids plus some he borrowed from the neighborhood. What position did I play? Outfield, cuz I could only throw long distance. Almost made it to tryouts at our local park but my mom said, "Girls don't do those things."
    Well that's as far as I go with sports. Except the time when my dad taught me how to box at 12 til I was 17. One time he went to land a punch and I clipped him. After he got up off the garage floor I made a quick exit into the house!

    Cindy Hernandez

  7. Football. Never played anything beyond flag football in gym class but I love watching it. I learned young that it was perfectly alright to yell at the TV when the ref made a bad call. :D


    And I know you like the links in the comments: :)

  8. I keep telling Connecticut for the double again this year

    Across the Pond


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