Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Scare

My dog, Rascal, gave me a scare over the weekend. Sunday morning, right before I took her out, she made a little yelp like she was in pain. She wouldn't eat the rest of the day and was shivering off and on. Still, when I walked her, she had no trouble maneuvering, so I didn't think she'd twisted anything.

She has been known to get the shakes before and the vet said some dogs are like that, especially after they've been sleeping. Still, this was happening more often and I could tell she wasn't feeling right. She didn't eat her treats, which is very rare. She didn't want to sleep on her comforter, which she absolutely loves, but slept on the floor instead.

Also, she didn't demand my attention like she usually does when I'm at the keyboard. I didn't know how much I missed her nudges until she stopped doing that.

Since she's my baby, I was worried about her all day at work, and wondering when we should make an appointment at the vet. Maybe a piece of her rawhide bone got stuck in her stomach. Maybe she had samonella. All kinds of horrible thoughts raced through my mind.

Fortunately, she appears to have come around. The DH reported before I went to my Chicago-North RWA meeting that Rascal had eaten a few dog treats. Later he gave her some dog food which she ate, then she also ate more treats and dog food when I got home. Apparently it was an upset stomach. We may never know the exact cause.

The close scare reminded me of how important she is in our lives. What about you? Do you have a pet that means a lot to you, or maybe you once did? Please share.


  1. Anonymous6:56 AM

    I have a cat that loves to pester me when I'm at the computer. Her favorite spot is right in front of my monitor so I have to pay attention to HER. LOL - I usually get her to compromise with me and cuddle up just to the side of the screen in the cubbyhole in the desktop just under the upper cabinet door. Fortunately, even though she's getting old, 12 yrs old now, she's never had any health issues. I know I'd sure miss her "pestering" me for attention if she were to fall ill and stop. I don't even want to think about that. When I was a boy I had a dog that was like my best friend. She died of disentary(sp?) and it just crushed me.

  2. I had a dog when I was in high school who I loved dearly. He had a couple issues in the five years we had him but the day I came home and my Mom told me he had begun to have convulsions, my first reaction was to call the vet and get him in there immediately. Back then -and where I live too-most of the neighbors had their own methods for handling a sick pet. Take the animal out and just shoot it. That, I couldn't do to my poor puppy so off to the vet we went. The vet diagnosed him with some dire illness -can't for the life of me remember now what it was but it was bad anyway. Said the only thing to do right then was to give him a dose of sodium pentathol which would knock the dog out and would keep him "under" -sedated -for the next 48 hours. After that, if he came out from under that medication, it would still be touch and go and we might have to have him put down if the disease had affected his brain. Sadly, the dog didn't survive the sedative and died the next afternoon and yes, I was devastated. He was the absolute best dog anyone could have ever asked for. I've had several dogs since then -that happened in June of 1963 -but I've never had a dog quite as wonderful as my sweet little old Duffy was. Forty six years (almost) later and I still miss him.

  3. MY beagle, Skye, is my best companion and also my boss. She's 12, cataracts are beginning, but that dog can find me, food, and whatever she wants. She runs around better than me, dang it. Is spoiled and when I returned from a writers conference she was under me all evening. I loved it. She took over a chaise in the living room where I write, she can look out the front yard, sleep, snore, and I love her being nearby. Did you hear about Martha Stewart's chow killed in an explosion at an exclusive pet center? 17 dogs died.

  4. I have a current dog that's more than a pet to me. She accompanies me on my walks and has intervened in what would have been muggings, or worse, has stopped break-ins around the neighbourhood, and acts as my ears. My hearing isn't good anymore and several times she has alerted me to cars approaching from behind; and sometimes during walks along quiet ski-doo trails in the country, she's either alerted me to approaching snow machines or got between me and the machine so the driver had to swerve in order to avoid knocking me down. I've dubbed Smokey, Dog On Patrol and instead of the usual Citizen On Patrol. Smokey is more than a pet to me- she's my ears and life.

  5. Our first dog was the light of our life and for the most part was always well. When he didn't eat one day and was stand offish we knew something was wrong. Turned out to be Lymphoma which started our canine cancer journey.

    No one knows our pets better than we do.

  6. I'm a diehard cat lover. that's why my amanda stories are about kitties

  7. I'm a diehard cat lover. that's why my amanda stories are about kitties

  8. Oh, Morgan, I sooooo understand you! Amigo is just like another member of our family--we love him to death!

    I'm so glad Rascal is doing better. It's so hard, because they can't talk!


  9. I had several "babies" that were close to my heart. But alas, my closest was named Pepper. I had her for twelve years. She would go everywhere with me. When I got my hair done I would take her to the groomer to get her's done. One day I was really feeling a little depressed. I laid down on my bed, then I felt this little wet tongue on the back of my hand. I looked up and there she was laying next to me. The loyalty she showed me was far beyond anything any one had ever done for me. Except God of course! She died before we moved into our new house which I know she would have loved. After my step-father passed away his dog became mine and I got close to her too. She used to chew snails like bubble gum and gnaw on wasps that bothered her. Never getting stung. She passed away last St. Patrick's day as did my cat shortly before that. I have precious memories to cherish for the rest of my life. Maybe I will get another pet but for now I am waiting for my grandchild to be born this August so that will keep me busy for awhile! This was a great blog and I thank you for letting me vent.

    Cindy Hernandez

  10. We have a miniature Schnauzer, Ruffles. She's a one family dog and has never been friendly to others. But she's sweet as pie to us (except we we bathe her). But she's old now and sleeps most of the time. Doesn't see well nor hear well. I carry her down the stairs, although she can still get up on her own. The older she gets, the sweeter she gets. She's 15.

    Helen Ginger

  11. I have four pugs... I just finished a short story on a pug I had for 13 years. I can't post it because it is for a short story contest..

    I did add you to my blog roll on Blue Stockings. Would appreciate a reciprocal link..

    Look forward to getting to know you better.


  12. I have a dog! I love, love, love Kathryn!!! I can't imagine life without her. I'm so happy everything is ok with your little guy. Jenni

  13. Awe, I'm glad she's okay. Our husky has a weak stomach, and of course, as a dog he's always getting into things he shouldn't be. To top it off, he has allergies. I remember we had him for all of about 2 months when the allergies got so bad his glands got swollen so big it looked like he had a hunchback in his neck. They tried to tell us at the e-vet he had some weird disease called puppy strangles. Turned out it was just an infection caused by his allergies. Now I have to give him zyrtec almost regularly. The things we do for our babies.

    Jenny Bean

  14. My kittehs!

    I'd write more but one is asleep on my arm.

  15. I'm glad she was okay, Morgan--of my entire mini-zoo, my Lav/Irish Seter, Sam is my big bay!

  16. Anonymous2:38 PM

    I'm glad Rascal is okay, Morgan. I know how you feel. When my dog got his rabies shot (he was adopted so it was his first with us), he had an adverse reaction (fever, sore muscles) that was so bad he couldn't move at all. We were terrified until we called the vet. Luckily, all it took was a wee bit of painkiller and the little guy was fine.

  17. I don't have a dog, but my daughter does, and she is a part of the family, so I understand what you mean. So glad that Rascal is all right!


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