Friday, April 24, 2009

Are You Organized?

Every time I try to get organized, it seems I slip further back into chaos. Thursday night I thought I'd get my business accounts in order online, but my password wouldn't work. I had to get another one emailed to me. Then I decided to take money from my business acount and put it into my personal account to pay some writing bills I'd put on my Amazon Visa card. I use the Amazon card to rack up points at Amazon, of course. Soon I'll get a business card that can rack up points also, but I don't have it yet.

Anyway, I got that all figured out. I made out a check to go into my personal account which I planned on depositing in the morning. Then I remembered I really should put more personal checks in my purse. I thought I'd ordered some not long ago. Well, I discovered after rummaging around that I don't have extra personal checks. I swear I ordered them, but they're nowhere to be seen. That means I only have four left. So then I wondered if there's a way to get checks fast so I have them before vacation May 1. Turns out there is a next day service for around $21.00, but it's worth it when you're desperate.

What about you? Are you organized, or do these things happen to you?


  1. Anonymous6:55 AM

    I'm fairly organized but I could be better. Stuff happens. Roll with it, I guess.

  2. I am SCARY organized! Everything is filed, recorded, catalogued...
    Just one of those melancholy/only child traits.

    I think part of the reason I keep my physical stuff so organized is because my schedule is so chaotic. There's no set pattern. So I stay organized to help bring a little balance to my life!

    L. Diane Wolfe

  3. Things happen. They just do. I think sometimes I let things go on purpose, subconsciously at least. Like dinner. I really do not get enthused about cooking. I'd be happy with some fruit or a salad. But others expect meat, thawed and cooked preferably. I should go right now and get something out of the freezer. I should at least write it on my to-do list. I should ... go check email and twitter and ...

  4. Haha...and it only gets worse.

  5. Whenever I think I'm organized, something like what you described comes along to remind me that I could do better!

    Jane Kennedy Sutton

  6. Its very tough for me to organize especially when it comes to money!

  7. Me, organized? haaaa! I try, I do, but... I have too many interests, too much stuff....

  8. Very well organized. Now, I'm working on creating a paperless office environment for my writing.

  9. I'm organized to a fault. It's my fault we can't find things when I put them away. It's my fault that things end up in the wrong place. It's my fault that I'm not better organized, etc.

  10. I can be wonderfully organized, with one thing at a time. When I got my Associates degree, I was very organized with everything to do with my classes, but not with anything else.

    Right now, I'm not particularly organized with anything, which is how I usually am.

  11. I'm so organized I write articles about it. How anal is that? LOL!

    Online bill payment has to be the best thing ever created. Our last box of checks will probably stretch for three or more years because almost everything is paid online. My hubby also uses Microsoft Money to manage everything from investments to bills and beyond.

    We back up every night via tape and we also use Mozy (I think that's how you spell it) for remote backup, so there is no danger of having it all disappear.

    It sure helps to be married to a person who is as anal as you are. LOL!


  12. In some ways I'm fairly organized, but at times I get overwhelmed and feel like things are in total chaos until I can get it under control again!

  13. Disorganization is my natural state, but through necessity I have learned to change and improve over the last several decades. Lists became an important part of my life. My habits are mostly good now, yet important details still slip through the cracks. For example, the last few times I was asked for a business card, I reached into my wallet only to find no cards. That particular problem is fixed now, thank goodness.

    But I think occasional disorganization happens to lots of people. I showed up at a store for my book signing this morning only to find out that the manager had given the time slot to someone else as well. This was a mistake by a fellow who is usually very good.

  14. Organized so much one of my friends offered to pay me to go through and organize her house. And actually meant it.


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