Saturday, April 18, 2009

Do You Watch TV?

Just wondered how many of you have time to watch TV.For one thing, I don't like sports. For another, I can't seem to get into the sitcoms out there lately. Also, there don't seem to be as many of them as before.

American Idol is fun to watch, though I don't get to see it very often. Most of the time, I'd rather watch and listen to GAC, Great American Country, which mostly features country videos. I also watch the news, Chicago Tonight and Jay Leno. What I mainly prefer are movies, either on the Hallmark or Lifetime Channel, or ones I choose from On Demand. I also rent movies from the library and watch them.

All in all, TV doesn't seem as important to me any more, probably because my focus has shifted to writing and networking on the Internet.

What about you? Do you like TV as much as you used to? When you do watch TV, what do you like to watch? Please share.


  1. Procedural dramas and old movies for me. See

    I was raised by a 12-inch screen.

  2. I do watch TV, but it's so easy to get commercial-free versions of shows now, streaming online, there's no real point to watching it. I still torture myself with commercials though.

    I do watch a lot less than I used to. I think the TV is on like maybe 3 hours out of the day. I'm usually home all day so that is awesome for me. I do love to have movies playing. And the weather channel for some reason. I like just leaving it on that while I'm working...weird. :D


  3. I'm like Meg, I'm home all day but the TV only goes on when the family comes home and then I think only for background noise.


  4. There is almost always a tv set on somewhere in this house -morning, noon and night, all night! A lot of the time it is background noise, I use it to tell time a lot too though. But, the shows I like to watch -"The Office" -"Law and Order" "Dateline NBC" and CBS 48-Hour Mystery are among my favs. I also really like the A&E Channel, particularly the American Justice or Cold Case Files and I also enjoy MSNBC and the History Channel plus Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel.

  5. I do watch television, but only about 3-4 hours a week most of the time. I have specific shows I tune in for when I have time, and that's about it. There's just too much else that needs my attention. :)

  6. We can't get cable at our house and haven't sprung for satellite, so we're limited to the local channels. I don't watch much. I like to catch the national news and will sometimes sit to watch something in the evenings. There's not any show that I absolutely can't miss though.


  7. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Too busy to watch much. I AM a sports nut though, so I'll watch some NBA, NFL & MLB. Other than that and the occasional History/Discovery/Nat'l Geo channels, usually the TV is only on when the wife & I rent a movie to watch at night together.

  8. I don't watch during the day at all unless I'm ironing my husband's dress shirts or he is home - he's a real TV watcher! LOL

    For me, I watch crime/forensic shows, whether fictional or real, and I like Ghost Hunters. Sometimes Dirty Jobs and Mythbusters.

    I avoid the news as it is so depression and I don't like the spin that gets put on everything. Most sitcoms have lost the "com"; they only have the "sit" part.


  9. I am a medical student and go to school during the day and certain nights. When and if I can watch tv I usually catch medical shows or at least one of the CSI shows. Sometimes even the news gets to me. So for the most part I am limited but I do try to at least watch the news!
    Cindy Hernandez

  10. As a news and politics junkie, I watch MSNBC alot. Also, American Idol is my guilty pleasure...I don't even answer the phone during that. I also watch Charlie Rose, Bill Moyers, Frontline and more on PBS and C-Span especially Book TV on the weekends. However, I do most of my watching from the TV in my office, so it often becomes background noise.

    A few words on commericals, though...while it is tempting to skip them, I find many good lessons for book marketing in them. If you consider that these are complete "stories" told in 30 or 60 seconds that contain a "sell" hook or some other tactic for lodging its content into your brain, they are pretty impressive. I like to analyze why this one catches my attention and why that one lingers in the back of my mind, how many times do they name their product in that 30 seconds, and so on. It's a valuable exercise.

    Billie Johnson


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