Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!


Forecast here in Illinois is a beautiful Spring day, a rare treat around here for Easter.

I saw only one lady with a hat on at Church, but it was deep blue and didn't look at all like an Easter bonnet. Any Easter bonnets around you today?

We went to a brunch today at the Concorde. A pic is on the right.
Now I'm home and relaxing, but a little
bit too full. What's everyone else doing?

Have a HAPPY EASTER, however way you spend it!!


  1. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Beautiful photos! Happy Easter to you too - :)

    I have a special VERY deep Easter post up at Free Spirit today. (Marvin has his tongue in his cheek)

  2. We had brunch at home & now I'm making a turkey. No ham this Easter since I need to get rid of the turkey since my refrigerator quit last week. Frozen food and left-overs must go!

    Beautiful pictures.

    Happy Easter.

  3. Happy Easter Morgan! Love the pics!

  4. In London I think it's in Regents Park they still have an Easter parade f Easter Bonnets (as Julie Garland would say)

  5. Happy Easter! We hosted, so the hubby and I just finished putting away the good china and are going to relax with a movie. Ahhhhhh. We're pooped! Nope, no bonnets at church today...

  6. My three month old granddaughter had a new headband, does that count? We spent the day at my nieces. A very enjoyable day.

  7. The weather this year was decent. Much better than the snow last year, however being tired of the cold, I still thought it wasn't warm enough for me.
    Hope you had a nice Easter, Morgan. Love the pictures!



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