Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Mighty 100 - Appreciation Day

I just want to thank every one of the Mighty 100 who follow my Double M blog. I appreciate your checking out what I have to say each day. By now, you probably know pretty much about me - I have a DH I dearly love, a mischievous dog named Rascal, a mystery, named Two Wrongs, and romance, called Girl of My Dreams, published, with more books in the works. I also have a day job, but wish I didn't need one. I'd rather spend more time online with all my buddies.

Anyway, enough about me. Today, is appreciation day for my online friends, so take a bow.
If you're one of the Double M blog's followers, please leave a comment saying a little bit about yourself, and be sure to include your blogspot or website link for everyone to find you. And if you're not a follower, but just stopping by, I appreciate your interest also and invite you to introduce yourself if you so wish.

Thanks everyone!


  1. Morgan, I popped over here to learn about the dog's fate and found this post. What a lovely thought!

  2. Nice post thank you for sharing, but as the theme from "Love Story" went.. "Where do I begin?"

    Okay most know I moved from England to USA in 2000. I am on my third marriage (can't afford any more divorces so this has to be the last) Have a son of 25 from my first one and two terrors age 6 and 7 (boy and girl) from this marriage. I met this and my last wife on the internet and starting to be a father again at 50 was no easy matter.
    I have met many famous people, danced with Margaret Thatcher, enjoyed life to the full. I ran London Marathons in Fancy dress when nearly 50. I have sung in front of thousands, I love to have fun. And writing, well I never claim to be a writer... I am a story tellor who helps you escape for a few brief moments (I hope) with my short romance stories or my novel Across the Pond.

    Storyheart (Barry Eva)

  3. Thanks Morgan!

    I'm "Spunk on a Stick," but most people call me Spunky. I'm a professional speaker and the author of both non-fiction and young adult fiction. I don't believe in the word impossible!
    Originally from Oregon, I now live in N. Carolina with my husband and two cats.

    L. Diane Wolfe

  4. Wow that's awesome, Morgan! Nice of you to post your appreciation like this, too. :)

  5. This was an unexpected post, but a great idea. Loved reading Barry's story!

    Helen Ginger here. Born in Georgia, raised in Texas. Just turned in the manuscript for my second nonfiction, a TechCareers book. The first one should be out in a few weeks. Talked to the publisher yesterday, when I sent in the latest manuscript. Woo-woo!

    I'm also a freelance editor, which I love. I not only get to read books before anyone else, I get to work with some wonderful authors.

    I also edit for a national company and do marketing for another. So, I'm keeping busy.


  6. What a nice idea, Morgan. I’ve been married over 38 years; have one great daughter and son-in-law, grandson and grand dog. Prior to embracing the role of author, I considered myself a ‘professional tourist’ as my husband’s occupation kept us moving around the globe. Settling in and exploring each new locale was an exciting, full time job with no pay but a host of benefits. I’ve lived in Taiwan, South Korea, England, the Netherlands, Italy and Saudi Arabia but also had the opportunity to visit many other countries as well.

    My first novel, "The Ride," was released by ArcheBooks Publishing in August 2008.

    Jane Kennedy Sutton

  7. Morgan, where do I begin? :)
    I have moved to US from Warsaw after I graduated HS and took roughly five years to learn this beautiful language without help of teachers and attending classes. I have always been drawn to writing and reading, but the writing part comes a lot harder without proper exposure to education etc.
    I am hoping to have something published one day, meanwhile I follow some of my favorite authors ( hence my 'stalking" you) read their books and love meeting them in person at book signing.
    I had a great experience meeting you and few others last year and I am looking forward to joining you some day on that platform.

  8. Well, I thought I was one of your followers (I do subscribe to this blog and the Bloodred Pencil), but I didn't see my icon there, so I clicked follow to rectify it. I love checking in on this blog because you always strike up interesting conversations and your posts are in bite-sized portions, which is easier to consume for the harried reader such as me! What a neat thing, to show your appreciation for your followers like that.


  9. Hi Morgan, just wanted to say thanks for the great posts you write and for the follow back.

  10. My name is Adele and i'm a bookaholic.

    Thanks MM I needed to share. :)

  11. I love your posts and wish I got over every single day! I think I'm a follower (just in case I wasn't, I clicked on 'follow' again)...I'm Dana, I'm a writer (mysteries, horror and erotic romance) and I have 13 cats.

    Help me...

  12. I'm finally getting organized blog-wise. I'm now subscribing blogs on my google reader. I don't have immediate access to making comments, but it's nice to have all the "important" blogs viewable in one place.

    Huzzah! You're one of the important ones.

  13. Woohoo! Congratulations on the 100+ followers. :) Well done.

  14. Thanks again to everyone. I appreciate your support.

    Morgan Mandel

  15. Okay, I missed Appreciation 100 by a day. Sorry! I was pretty much AWOL yesterday.

    I'm an author with a 'tween (9-12) fantasy/mystery series, "Cynthia's Attic." 3 books published so far (Quake-Echelon Press) with a 4th due out in Dec. 2009.

    Also have a women's humor book published by Echelon, "WOOF: Women Only Over Fifty."

    Thanks for doing this, Morgan! 101 followers is awesome!


  16. Hey there(:

    Thanks for following & commenting my blog. Awesome blog you got there.


  17. I moved from usually chilly New Hampshire, down here to normally warm Texas three years ago. I have just finally gotten used to the lack of winter. Don't care what the locals say though, 40 degrees is NOT bad winter weather.

    Writing wise...I'm still just starting out in comparison to most. First novel is written, fixing up the second draft now. Next novel is being outlined, and next is getting it's characters figured out.



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