Sunday, May 03, 2009

Does Doggy or Kitty Come With?

Here's Rascal in the van on the way to our cottage in Wisconsin. We're lucky to have a vacation spot where we don't have to worry about bringing our dog along. She's too much a part of our lives for us to leave her behind in someone else's care.

What about you? When you go on vacation does your pet come with? Or, maybe sometimes you wish you could bring your dog or cat with, but it's impossible. What do you do?


  1. If we travel by car, the dog usually comes with us. I don't like the idea of him in the belly of a plane, so when we have to fly, he stays with my friend, who has a dog/horse boarding/training facility. He follows her around the ranch and has a great time, mostly eating horse poop (yum, breakfast of champions).

    We used to board the cat, but now we just pay a friend to come in and feed her, water the plants, check on the gecko, etc.


  2. vacation? What's that? If we did go on one we would probably have to have someone kittysit. I would love to take them along but I think they would prefer to stay at home.

  3. Of course! It wouldn't be a vacation without them. Since I don't have anybody offering plane tickets anywhere, I have always driven on any vacations, and, of course, they come (three dogs and a cat). I have not been much of a fan of flying, anyway. Too far off the ground!

    Lately, I have been taking a lot of mini work/personal vacations. You know, combining work and fun together. That way I can write off some of the expenses.

  4. We have our daughter come to our house and do kitty care for our cats. I know one of them doesn't do car rides well, so it is happier for her to stay home. :-)

  5. Okay, I am a bad mommy, but I have no desire to take care of my three cats while I am on vacation. It's bad enough I have to cook some of the meals and do laundry while I'm there. :)

  6. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Wifey dear is allergic to cats and dogs so no pets :( - but when I was a kid we always took my dog Ginger with us on trips.


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