Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fiinding Stuff

First Day of vacation for someone like me is filled with putting stuff away and finding stuff. The DH and I use walkie talkies when he goes out on the lake in the boat and I'm in the cottage. They were great for keeping track of each other.

Anyway, I couldn't find the charging cord, but after a long search found it in a different bag than the radios themselves.

That cord was only one of the many things I had to find and put where it belonged. I think I've got everything where it should be for the 10 days we're here, but can't tell for sure. I wish I were more organized, but it's not in my blood. I just do the best I can. So far, I'm lucky. I don't think I forgot anything I wanted to bring with.

What about you? Do you have trouble finding stuff or getting it all together when you go on vacation?


  1. Anonymous6:42 AM

    Mm, no - don't really have too much trouble finding stuff. But walkie talkies? Now there's a good idea! :)

    The Old Silly from Free Spirit Blog

  2. I have trouble finding stuff no matter where I am. Hubby and I blame it on our age.


  3. From my earliest childhood I remember my Mom making lists of every single thing to pack when we went on holiday. Once packed the list would be taped to the inside of the suitcase and when we packed to return home it would be our checklist. I couldn't wait to grow up so that I could get rid of the lists! But, on honeymoon with my husband I opened his case to unpack and there, taped to the inside of case, was a list. So I gave up and joined them. Now, I'm a list maker of note...!

    Hope you're enjoying your holiday!

  4. Finding stuff is a never-ending problem in this household! First you have to remember I am a packrat and my daughter here professes to not be a packrat, unafraid of pitching stuff -yadda, yadda. But if you were to investigate a little deeper you would find that she too is a packrat of as high a magnitude as is her mother -ME! The difference mainly being that I tend to try to find things -like empty boxes -in which to store my packratty stuff whereas she will let papers and various other junky things merely accumulate on the island and counters in the kitchen, bitch about the mess but not do a thing to lessen it! (Except bitch at me when I call her on it!) So, needless to say, there are often many things we may need and when we go to get them, it involves a massive search and destroy mission. And then, the other thing that factors in here with the lost or missing stuff, is that my little granddaughter and sometimes now too her little brother, may venture through and something may catch their eye and it gets picked up and transported to who knows where and deposited -sometimes to never be seen again too! And of course, there is the Son-in-law who pays to attention to what anything is when he gets in a clean-up mode as he just gathers anything and everything and pitches it. One time in his zeal, he gathered a bunch of papers from the counter and pitched them in the garbage only to realize a day later that in the middle of that pile of papers there were five twenty dollar bills our neighbor had given him to pay for a part for her son's car! Needless to say, even after he scavenged all the old garbage bags he could find did he realize he had done that the night before the garbage pick-up day and that $100 was gone forever into ye olde landfill! (He also has a tendency to pitch the newest edition of the weekly tv guide section of the newspaper and leave the week or two-week-old section laying on my table. Did I mention he pays no attention whatsoever to dates on the papers?
    Yeah, it is a never-ending plight in our house this searching for stuff thing!

  5. Being organized is tough for me. If I work at it I do okay, but sooner or later things seem to unravel.

    But we just started on a 30-day RV trip the other day, and all the preparation fell into place nicely—gee, could it be because my wife did so much of the work? Actually I think it went well because we did a little bit of work at a time instead of rushing to get it all done at once. Also, making lists helped.

    Bob Sanchez

  6. Vacations are great, but I always get the feeling I'm forgetting something as we leave. I like to have a couple of days before going to get stuff together, which gives time to find everthing and remember what I want to take. Have a great vacation!


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