Sunday, May 17, 2009

Normal Wear and Tear

The paint on some of the letters on my keyboard is missing and it's not even a year old. Also, it's the one I use at home, which means I don't spend as much time typing on it as the one at work.

When the DH tries to use it, he gets very perplexed, since he only knows the hunt and peck method. Sometimes I even forget where the letters are and do a double check, but it doesn't do much good when looking at the keyboard doesn't enlighten me. How can it, when I can't read the letters?

Anyway, I called Dell today and spoke to the Gold Plan guy. He'll replace my keyboard this time, but he says what it's experiencing is normal wear and tear, like when a car's paint gets faded because it's out in the sun. I don't get the analogy, but I'm glad I'm getting a new keyboard for now.

Have you had such problems with your keyboard? Any other problems with your computer hardware? Were you able to get it replaced, or did they say it can't be covered since you're equipment experienced "Normal Wear and Tear?" Please share.


  1. key boards are classed as disposable these days where as once upon a time keys used to just be replaced. we always have a few spares laying around the house. Picking them up from junk systems or even cheap ones for under $10. last thing you want is not to be able to work because you've lost a key or two.


  2. there's supposed to be letters on this thing? Hmmmph, surprise, surprise. I haven't seen that in a long time although the other half says get one I can read. I guess I know the keyboard too well. Looks like it's keyboard shopping time. That's dangerous since I also need more RAM, a four channel sound card, and 5 in 1 speakers.

    It helps to be a computer tech though.

  3. I had the same issue with one of my keyboards at work. since I replaced it with wireless, I also covered the keys with clear nail polish. So far it's been working great. On one of my old ones, my favorite keyboard, I used permanent craft pen and retraced the letters, then applied the clear coat.


  4. Funny- which keys? My S is disappearing... and my laptop is two years old.

  5. I discovered it was my fingernails doing the damage.

  6. Keyboard wise: I'm losing my S,E,D, and M key. My right shift key is worn completely.

    But that's a corded keyboard plugged into my laptop. I don't want to talk about my laptop keyboard.

    Normal wear and tear on my laptop though is that I now have 8 different colored lines running down my screen. Warranty ran out like 6 months before the first one popped up. (It's a 5 year old dell.)

    I'm holding out to buy a new Mac. :D

  7. I've had a computer in my home for 10 years now. This one, I've had for a little over two years now and there are two keys on the keyboard that are starting to "go bald" shall we say?
    The other computer I had was kind of a blend by the time I got this one as a couple repairs led to a friend of mine doing numbers on that computer kind of like my son-in-law does whenever he can with the cars he works on -use parts from other computers and presto magic, just about as good as new. I went through three keyboards on the other computer over the almost 8 yers I had it. I don't know if that is good, bad or indifferent though.

  8. Anonymous6:44 AM

    I'm a heavy handed keyer, so I just figure it's the cost of doing business. As much "pounding away" keying as I do - have to replace the keyboard about once a year. :(


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