Monday, May 11, 2009

Planting Flowers/Garden

We just got back from our first vacation last night, then rushed off to the DH's aunt's house for a Mother's Day celebration. I've got 25 more pages to go on my edits, plus some other decisions to make about Killer Career, which I hope to get out by September 1 if not sooner. Another vacation is scheduled at the end of May. Then we won't be going back to Wisconsin until around Labor Day.

Usually, we're gone to Wisconsin more during the summer, but this year we've got a long gap between the 2nd and 3rd vacations. That means, I might even be able to plant flowers and take care of them.

Still, since I'm a busy author, I won't be going overboard. I think geraniums are a good bet. I seem to remember they don't mind as much as other flowers if I neglect them and don't get around to watering them that much.

Any other suggestions of easy care flowers? What about you? Are you planting a garden? If so, what are you planting? Please share.


  1. I love flower gardens but never liked to garden. Now I live in a condo where I can enjoy the fruits of someone else's labor!

    Jane Kennedy Sutton

  2. I love all sorts of flowers, but my lack of time always gets in a way of their well development and growth. LOL
    Impatients have been my favorite lately, because they spread and grow nicely in sunny and shady areas. If I was happily unemployed, I would definitely spend my time in the garden. For now, I get to admire other peoples hard work. :)


  3. Anonymous11:35 AM

    I'm not a flower gardener, but I do organic vegetable gardening. Love it. I do plant Marigolds around the perimeter, thought ... they are natural pest repellents.

  4. In the passed before heading across the pond, I always had a vegetable plot, even an allotment at one time. The use of these goes back to the WW with the "dig for victory" Interesting with the rescission, more people are going back to growing their own food, bartering etc. The trouble with growing over here is too many critters each the plants before you can get near them.

    This year we have created a raised flower bed, surrounded by a fence and the seeds of summers salads etc have already been planted.


  5. I love flowers and buy them often for the women I know (ex wife, friend, granddaughter (three months old), kitties, stuffed animals, etc). I don't try growing them because we've killed plastic plants.

  6. My husband is the gardener. He grows flowers and vegetables. I'm the picker.

    Straight From Hel

  7. I love gardening, but that doesn't make me good at it. I change my mind so often that I spend more time pulling out and rearranging my plants than helping them grow.

    I also tend to have a brown thumb. I once killed a cactus, which is very hard to do. Maybe it was because I never watered it. LOL!

    I have more plants in my garden than flowers at this point, because they are hardier and much easier to care for. Phlox is a hardy plant that grows like wildfire. Depending on what you buy, the flowers are white, purple, pink, or red and I think there is even a candy stripe one that is dark pink and white petals.

    Good luck!


  8. A vacation sounds heavenly! I love to garden, but just don't have the time. This year we tilled up a spot and I hope to get some tomato plants in this week so that we can can lots of salsa at the end of the summer. This year, I bought one of those flower roll things and rolled it out in the front of the house last night. We will see how well it works, lol.


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