Friday, June 05, 2009

A Detour Well Worth Taking

I went on a detour in more ways than one on Thursday. My friend, Jeanne, asked
me if I'd keep her company on a drive to Fifield to pick up a coyote pup, so I went along.

It was a beautiful June day and perfect for a ride in the country. Off we went on our mission to meet a lady at a gas station where the orphan pup, which was in a small crate, would change hands, then come back with us to the North Woods Wild Life Center.

Anyway, we ended up taking a detour which was not clearly marked, getting lost, going in a circle, and finally finding a truck driver at a stop light to get directions. A sign of the times - he had a printed satellite map showing the detrour roads. After receiving his directions, we made it to the gas station only fifteen minutes later than we'd first hoped to get there.

As soon as I saw the pup, I knew it was all worth the bother. He is a cutie.


  1. How'd we ever live without GPS!

    Jane Kennedy Sutton

  2. Is that the coyote pup? I thought that was a kitty! He is cute. And you got to have an adventure that will eventually end up in a book, I'm sure.

    Straight From Hel

  3. I had a friend who raised two coyote pups. When they were old enough to be on their own, she turned them loose. For a long, long while they came back to visit. Since this was in a rural farm area, no telling what happened to them later on.

    Speaking of detours, telephone poles blew down at the lake and when I went to town, there was one way directed traffic. When I came home later that night they'd closed the road. The detour was through the Indian reservation and back out right above the lake--a horrendous drive. I don't like to do it in the day time.

    Instead I went another direction, sort of a big round-about, on the edge of town, then over a huge hill so I ended up on another country road and finally back home. Took a long time but much easier in the dark--no scary curves, drop-offs, people driving like maniacs on the way to or from the casino.


  4. Oh! I'd seen coyotes before, but never a pup. He's adorable!

    L. Diane Wolfe

  5. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Coyote pups are just so darling!

  6. The only coyotes I have ever seen have been adults in some kind of Nat'l Geog. or Discovery/Animal Planet type shows and I don't recall ever seeing a coyote pup. Although we have some around these hills, I've never seen one, even a dead one that close. How cute that little thing looks! So fluffy and cuddly and all that stuff, ya know.
    The getting lost thing though, reminds me of a trip my daughter and I made to Pittsburgh a year ago and in leaving the doctor's office, we managed somehow to wind up roaming all over the southwestern side of the city before finally spying a route number I was slightly familiar with and I told my daughter to follow that and any other route numbers we saw that sort of rang a bell, as long as they were pointing us in a northly direction and looked like that might lead us -eventually -to Route 79! Nice tour of the city ensued though it made us more than a bit late in arriving at the outlet mall we like to go visit on these trips.

  7. Awww...I think this is the first coyote pup I've ever seen. I used to hear them when I lived in California, but never saw one...cute as a button small like that.

  8. Oh, Morgan, that is sooooo cute! Looks like a wolf pup. Baby animals are so adorable!


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