Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Mundania Press Acquires Hard Shell Word Factory

I just learned last evening in a group post that Mary Wolf, the publisher of my first two books, Two Wrongs and Girl of My Dreams, was selling Hard Shell Word Factory to Daniel J. Reitz, Sr. of Mundania Press.

Today, the acquisition was officially announced on various egroups online by the new owner. I and other Hard Shell Turtles are excited to have an owner who has the capabilities of carrying on the quality Hard Shell tradition.

Around the time I was first published in 2006, tragedy struck Mary Wolf's family when her son, Dirk, who was also a cover artist for Hard Shell, was murdered. On the heels of that, other misfortunes have dogged her, making it difficult for her to run Hard Shell in the manner she would have liked. As a result, the publishing schedule was put on hold.

I wish her all the best and also look forward to a new direction for the company under the reigns of Dan Reitz.

That said, my new release, Killer Career, is being published by Choice One Publishing Company very soon. I'm not sure yet if that's the direction my future novels will be published. It's good to know Hard Shell will again be a viable option for submissions.

Have any of you belonged to a publishing company that was sold, or worse, went under? Please share.


  1. I have several books published by Hard Shell Word Factory and also I'm published by Mundania--so this is good news for me.

    Mary Wolf is a wonderful woman who is now raising her murdered son's daughter. She did a great job as a publisher as well--but I have a feeling life more or less overwhelmed her.

    I've had publishers just up and quit leaving me to find someone new, I've had two publishers die on me, and one who couldn't be bothered with sending royalties.


  2. So far the only publisher that should go under is PubishAmerica. But for now, I'll stick with Lulu. Maybe even someday I'll make enough for a cup of coffee (until the price goes up to thirty cents).


  3. Yes, of all the subsidy publishers, Publish America is the worst.

    And that is good news, Morgan!

    L. Diane Wolfe

  4. Wow, sad news about Mary. I didn't know. I have reviewed books from both publishers in the past and once submitted to Hard Shell. Thanks for keeping us informed, Morgan.

  5. I thought you had been published by Mundania, Marilyn. You sure have had your publishing adventures.

    How tragic to think of what Mary must have gone through. My heart goes out to her.



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