Sunday, August 23, 2009

Killer Career Blog Book Tour Recap, Permalinks, Schedule of Self-Pub Posts at Blood-Red Pencil

You'll find the permalinks for all of my tour stops in a post below this one. Later, it will also be available through a click on the left column of this blogspot. I'm offering them in case you missed one, or if you'd just like to come back and check one for reference.

To let you know what I've learned from my Killer Career Blog Book Tour so far -

Everyone said it would be tiring. I usually blog here everyday, so I didn't think blogging somewhere else would make much difference. I was wrong. It did. For one thing, I wanted the posts to be super-good, instructive, entertaining, with as few mistakes as possible. Because of that, it took longer to compose them.

I not only owed my best efforts to my hosts, but also to myself. I spent lots of time getting Killer Career together just right and I wanted my posts to reflect that fact.

Getting the posts ready wasn't enough. Before I left for work, I spread the word to Twitter, Facebook, Live Journal, MySpace and Hi5. On the train, I spread more word to my e-groups, and believe me, I belong to many. I also plugged the tour at Book Place, my ning network. With Twitter once wasn't enough. During the day, I'd quickly do a tweet about the blog when I could.

After I'd spread the word, I checked the blog-of-the-day numerous times on my work breaks and on the train going home and at home so I could answer comments. I'll carry on in the same manner next week for the rest of my tour at The Blood-Red Pencil.

Another thing - I didn't realize my hosts would be so generous. My blog remained up for days on many of the blogspots, which meant extra exposure. For that I'm extremely grateful. I'll keep checking for comments on all the stops off and on in case more appear.

And now, I'm turning the spotlight on my next tour stop of the tour, one that will last seven days. I've got to say The Blood-Red is a special blog. It's comprised mainly of editors who generously dispense wonderful writing tips. I'm honored to belong to such a group.

Here's the Schedule for what I'm calling Morgan Mandel's Basic Guide to Self-Publishing, at
The Blood-Red Pencil :

Monday, August 24 - Why Self-Publish
Tuesday, August 25 - How to Get Started - Legalities, Technicalities, References
Wednesday, August 26 - Why Use an Editor
Thursday, August 27 - Choosing a Printing House & Getting Familiar With It
Friday, August 28 - Setting Up Cover Art & Logo
Saturday, August 29 - Promo
Sunday - August 30 - Downloading, Proof, Acceptance, Publication

Thanks. I hope you continue on for the rest of the tour!
Morgan Mandel


  1. Will keep watching! And yes, I'm completely wiped out - and still have four more days to go of mine! At least the tour on Deviant Art ends today.

    You have an award waiting at my blog!

    L. Diane Wolfe “Spunk On A Stick”

  2. Thanks, Diane,
    It's a cute award.

    Morgan Mandel


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