Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What Should Rascal Be For Halloween?

I know there are many burning issues, such as the struggling economy, wars, violence, approaching winter, but right now what's on my mind is What Should Rascal Be For Halloween?

I'm not great at sewing and my mind's a blank on how to dress Rascal for the Halloween party at Bentley's Corner Barkery in Arlington Heights on Thusday. We don't want her to be the only dog wearing a birthday suit.

I'm getting desperate. Anyone have an idea for a costume? It has to be very easy for me to make. I can't think of anything.

Even if she doesn't win a prize, Rascal and I would very much appreciate your suggestion.


  1. A pirate? Already has the eyepatch. Or maybe the Phantom of the Opera? A cape and make the black patch a little bigger.

  2. I dunno what you could get to go with this but we have a wig here -well, it's kind of a half a wig -the top part that fits on the head is just mesh and then, half-way down from the mesh, the hair starts and it's really long and full -kind of fit for someone playing Elvira I suppose and with a hat on top to cover the mesh. The hair part would just flow down over Rascal's back -probably end right at the tail. With his black eye -would go nicely with a few other little accessories as Elvira then. Okay -a bit far-fetched I suppose but I'm loving this wig here, trying to figure out a way to wear it with some get-up and make a quick appearance at the bar where my daughter works -for the Halloween Bash there. Just goofing around, ya know. But, the pirate idea for Rascal, I'm thinking, realistically now, that probably would work really well for him.

  3. I'm going with the pirate too. A bandanna on his head with an earring attached. Black vest w/ sword attached. Cute dog! Hope you and he clean up!

  4. You could grab some orange fabric and make a pumpkin costume. A little green or brown for the stem and viola! Cutest costume ever.


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