Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Boots and what they say

It's Fall. So far in Illinois the weather's a bit cooler, but not too bad for around here. As I trudge to work in Downtown Chicago and watch others on a similar mission to get to their jobs, I can't help but notice their feet, or more accurately, what's on them.

I'm still wearing gym shoes and will as long as I can. I guess I'm slow on the uptrend, or just not with it. When did boots become so popular that women wear them when they don't really have to yet? In the past 3-4 weeks, I've seen a parade of all sorts of boots, from the leather, or fake leather, to the suede, vinyl, rubber, and synthetics. The leather ones are usually brown or black, with an occasional gray or cordovan. They're with either pointy tall heels or sensible flat heels, low to the ground or with tire tread like soles and heels. The suedes are usually tan or beige, with not much of a sole or heel, and look almost look tall slippers.

Then there are those waterproof boots that seem to have caught on even before the seasonal boot craze. Most of them are outrageous in color and design, and don't always match much of anything,  but apparently afford good protection from the dreaded wet sock syndrome.

I don't know about you, but I hate the thought of something confining my legs. I don't wear boots until I have to, like when it's really cold or when there's ice or snow on the ground. Then, I reluctantly throw on my boots, which are a sturdy variety with sensible heels, since I don't care to lose my balance.

And what about the guys, what kind of boots do they wear? I don't see them wearing boots just yet, at least not Downtown. In the neighborhoods, I might see them wearing cowboy boots with jeans. Personally, I found those cowboy boots very sexy. When the weather gets messier, Downtown I'm sure I'll see them wearing the kind that slip on over dress shoes, or maybe even galoshes if it's really messy out.

You just might ask what boots have to do with writing. As in almost everything in everyday life, there's a connection.

A description of what kind of boots a woman wears hints at her personality, such as:

High heels - risk taker.

Sturdy heels - sensible person.

Designer boots - wealthy or someone who overspends to make a good impression. The over-spender could be insecure, or another risk taker.

Suede boots - very popular these days - Someone who likes creature comforts, or just likes following the trend.

And the guys -

Cowboy boots - Alpha kind of guy, sure of himself, or maybe just someone looking for something comfortable with jeans

Galoshes - Practical, not worried about appearances

Slipons - Executive type, fashion conscious.

Now what about you? When do you put your boots on? What kind do you wear? What do your boots say about you?


  1. Boots for snow are not necessary here! I did have a pair of moon boots ages ago...

    I have some short little suede boots (not real - I detest dead cow) with fat heels that I wear for appearances quite often. They are really comfy, too. I spent thirteen hours in them this past Saturday without a problem. I'd love taller ones, but my husband thinks they are dorky.

  2. I like the flat heals, although I have some high heel expensive boots for when I need to impress (very important in Los Angeles). I don't wear them often. Actually, you'll find me either barefoot (not in the winter) or in my slippers or flip flops in the summer, and slippers and tennis shoes in the winter. (grin) I am a creature of comfort. (grin)


  3. I love my cowboy boots, some with the traditional heel and others in the "roper" style (flat heel). They provide good ankle support and are great with jeans or skirts. I also have two handmade "ren faire" style boots. I'll wear my boots anytime of the year but especially once the weather cools off.

    What do my boots say about me? For a woman with only one leg, she sure flaunts one happy foot!

  4. I hate wet feet so anytime it is raining I have my boots on. They're ugly but I would rather look horrible and have dry feet than fashionable with wet feet.

    I own a couple pairs of dress boots that I wear in the fall, but one pair has such high heels I'm usually taking my life in my hands if I wear them.

    I just bought a new pair of winter boots, again ugly, but they are warm and will keep my feet dry. My other problem is that I am cheap, so I don't buy boots often, and when I do I look for the cheapest I can find.


  5. Anonymous10:33 AM

    I love cowboy boots, and here in upstate New York, I wear them every season but summer, with jeans as well as dressier clothes. Last Saturday I wore them with black pants at my Author of the Year luncheon. I love the image they project - confident and kick-ass country! (I'm a big country music fan, too.) I got my first pair over a decade ago when I was in Nashville for a home health care conference, and I'm still wearing them. They need resoling, though.

    For those who haven't tried them, cowboy boots are surprisingly comfortable - these boots are made for walking (and riding, of course). Not for a tremendously long walk, though.

    In general, I'm all about comfort. I hate getting out of sandals in the fall, and the standard cowboy heels are the highest heels I wear. I've already been wearing my black shearling Ugg-style boots from L.L. Bean. And I know it's politically incorrect, but I stick with leather.

    Great topic, Morgan! I don't believe I've ever described my characters' footwear in my mysteries, but I'll have to rethink that.

  6. Anonymous12:15 PM

    Talk about synchronicity, Morgan - after I wrote the above comment, I realized that the store where I buy western boots now is named Double M, just like your blog. It's in Ballston Spa, NY, and you can check it out at www.doublemwestern.com if you don't believe me!

  7. Just came in from the pasture and took off my Muck boots before I came Online. So what does that say about me? I didn't see anything in your list about women who wear Muck boots. :-)


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