Thursday, December 03, 2009


Over the Holiday weekend I took a good look at my house and that familiar helples feeling washed over me again. It seemed like an insurmountable task to get the place in order. It still does.

I spend so much time writing and promoting after I do my day job, what little time I have left is precious. Still, sometimes I just have to buckle down and ignore my compulsion to write and make myself clean house instead. I tackled the spare bedroom, which had clothes and all kinds of other articles strewn over the bed, on the floor, and anywhere you can think of, compliments of myself and the DH, who were equally guilty.  I did make some headway, which made me feel good, but if I had more time I know I could do better. Also, there are so many other projects left to do if I were to get the house really into shape. I'm wondering how much I'll get done before Christmas, when I have my family over.

Maybe over the weekend I can get more done, that is, after I do the Illinois sales tax form first, which is due by the end of the month. I've got almost all of my check statements, except one, which I think I can find online, so maybe I can get that done. You may have guessed I'm not the most organized person in the world.

Anyway, let's see how far I can get cleaning up. I've got this kindle on loan from the library, with about 9 days left on it, and lots of good books on it beckoning to me. I've got some great ideas for stories I want to start and others I want to continue. I've got some blog buddies I haven't visited for a while. I wonder what will win out. (g)

What about you? What do you do about housework? Does it get in the way sometimes?

PS The not so surprising results are up on the left for my EZ poll. I'll have to do a harder one some time.


  1. I certainly find some housework as excuse to get away from writing at times, but fortunately my wife pays her sister to do the major stuff and with just 2 of us living here we don't make much of a mess. One of the things that uses up time for me is sleep. I love to sleep, but I could be using the 5 hours that I sleep every night to be writing.

  2. Over the past few years, I have learned to ignore some things! I'm also thankful that my husband enjoys cleaning and he tends to keep up with it.

  3. I hate cleaning and M is a write off for anything except the hoovering. I keep telling him, next pay rise we hire a cleaner and start using a laundry service for his work clothes.

  4. LOL, Morgan. This morning I got a wild hair and washed my kitchen floor. Then I came in my office and said, "Now why did I do that? I've got a ton of work to do."

    I think this time of year just adds more to the juggling game we do between writing, family, promoting, etc. Now we have baking, gift buying,decorating, and everything else thrown into the mix.

  5. I much rather write than clean house so I don't do it as often as I should. Fortunately, I live in a small, easy to clean, condo so the housekeeping process doesn't take up a whole lot of time.


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