Thursday, December 31, 2009


One of my recent bargains was a half-price webcam with a built-in micrphone. $20 seemed an inexpensive way to try something different, like Skype.

Have you had any luck with it? Is it hard to do? What do you use Skype for?

If you haven't used it, are you thinking of trying it?

Let me know.

Morgan Mandel


  1. I've used Skype to videoconf with a client in Australia (we're in New York) so far. But we've been using Apple's iChat (comes with the Macintosh OS) for a few years now, primarily to videochat with our granddaughters in California.

    With the latter, it's like a visit. Our grandgrrrls showed us Christmas gifts they received; we've hung out with them for an hour at a time, too, as well as helping them with homework assignments.

    As much as I'm an Apple person, I really liked using Skype. The picture was every bit as sharp as with iChat.

    Videochatting really makes the home office work for a freelancer.

  2. Skype is awesome.

    I've used it in a purely personal fashion. It's really is pretty crystal clear even when the person on the other end is in Iraq. :)

    I've never had a problem with it. My mom recently got it on her home computer so she can 'see' me more often. (She's up in NH, I'm down in TX.)

    Basically, it rules.

  3. I've only used the voice, since I don't have a camera on my PC. I've used it to talk to my daughter in Ireland, and to do conference calls at a meeting where we had people from all over. Friends use the video to talk to their kids/grandkids and love it.

  4. A cousin of mine and her husband purchased their very first computer a year ago -they are in their mid-70s -and my cousin says she has difficulty much of the time figuring out how to send e-mails but, they did get the computer set up -take it back and forth with them from PA to Florida, where they winter, AND they also became Skype fans last winter and used it all the time to keep in touch with their kids and grandchildren back here, in the winter wonderland of the north. So I'm thinking if they can figure it out, I'd guess anyone can -although I've never gone looking into using that myself.


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