Saturday, December 26, 2009

Words, Numbers or Both? Which Do You Like?

Today, I really am going to work on my State of Illinois Sales Tax form. The due date is coming up very soon. Besides, it's not that great outside, so I don't feel like going anywhere. I have a  borrowed kindle from the library that's due, but other than that I'll stay indoors. (Really tempted to get one. Not sure if I'll wait for the Apple version. I head it might be twice as much)

I hate working with figures. Good thing I'm not rich. Arithmetic is a pain. I've heard that people who have an aptitude for words are not always happy working with numbers, and are not always as successful at it.

What about you? Do you like one better than the other? Or, are you lucky enough to like both?


  1. Morgan,

    I know an engineer who is also a mathematical genus. He can take a tiny bit of data and reach some accurate conclusions. Watching him work is somewhat like watching someone with a degree in physics write their long theorems on a blackboard and reach some conclusion about the nature of the universe. I like words better. We should not forget that words can be equally powerful. Words rule the rest of the universe when they take the form of: Not in a million years, I do, you’re guilty, that’s mine, or get one of your own. Words are wonderful.

    Joe Prentis

  2. Give me words any day. I love working with words, but all number situations, including bookkeeping, taxes, and balancing my checkbook, I do NOT like.


  3. I don't mind numbers, I used to work in the accounting department at an insurance agency, but as a writer, I do generally prefer the words!

  4. The thing with words is that (apart from grammar and spelling) they're not "absolutely right" or "absolutely wrong". Numbers ARE. I'm fascinated by number patterns, but pretty hopeless with anything beyond simple arithmetic. I also have poor spacial awareness (or is that spatial??? It's one of those words I'm spell-blind about).

  5. I like both. I've worked in two financial institutions and also for a financial services group, so numbers were something I was around on a regular basis. Writing, though, has always been a love of mine, as has avid reading, so words have a huge advantage--unless those words translate into dollar signs and then numbers are better. :)


  6. Morgan, I like both. My undergrad major was mathematics with a minor in French and my grad degree is in computer science. I write poetry and children's stories.

    But I hate forms -- especially tax forms. Thank God for my accountant.

    I've been told that I conceptualize mathematics rather strangely -- but it works for me. My father was big on mental arithmetic and pushed me to learn how to do things in my head. I did, but not the same way everyone else does.

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