Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Feel Good Story

The DH and I were very upset to read in the Daily Herald earlier that a man's pit bulls had been stolen. We know what unscrupulous people will do with that breed. Before Rascal, we didn't care for Amstaffs ourselves. That all changed when we adopted her.

Anyway, here's the new story we saw today, which makes us feel really good. It would make Rascal feel good, too, if she knew -


  1. Great to hear that they made it home! I hope charges are brought against those dogknapper too.


  2. Love dog stories that have a happy ending. So sad to even think about the pups being snatched. Glad their owner was persistent.

    And, Morgan, I really like your blog site. Very easy reading and eye-catching.

    Best for the year,

    Pat Harrington
    Seattle Noir Anthology
    "What Price Retribution?"

  3. Hi Morgan,
    Yes pet-nappers are the pits. Glad there was a happy ending.

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