Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Didn't Want to Do It

I didn't want to do it. Others have, but I thought maybe I could get away without it. Well, I can't keep coming over here all day and night to check the comment section, to delete a certain spammer that keeps showing up.

So, unfortunately, for now I'm doing the word verification thing. I hate to have people type in those extra letters. It's such an annoyance. I'm hoping that after a while the spammer will turn his or her attentions elsewhere and I can go back to letting my comment people not have to jump through hoops.

Anyway, please don't let it scare you away. I do appreciate your comments here.

Morgan Mandel


  1. It's not such a big problem, I don't think. Your friends will keep visiting.

  2. Not a problem, don't mind at all with the word verification will still stop in, your post are too good not to miss.


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