Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy 101 Award

Thank you, Helen Ginger, for awarding me the Happy 101 Award. Now that it's a bit more sunny out and we're expecting a warmer temperatures later this week, I am feeling in a happy mood. Spring weather looks like it's arriving.

One of the requirements for accepting this award is to post 10 things that make me happy and then to pass it along to 5 other bloggers.

My Ten are:

1. My family, including my husband, my brothers and their families.
2. My dog, Rascal - I can't resist trying to make her happy also. She's too cute to resist. I'm afraid I spoil her a bit.
3. My Chicago-North RWA friends - I love hanging out with them at the meetings, also learning from them.
4. Connecting with my online friends - I enjoy sharing my thoughts and reading theirs.
5. Getting comments on my blogs - Comments show that people are coming over, also they give me more ideas I wouldn't have thought of on my own. I like to make new friends by visiting blogs from people who comment on mine.
6. Autographing my books - I feel like a real author when I get to sign books for readers.
7. Finishing writing a manuscript - It's wonderful when I can say my book is ready for the world.
8. Eating foods like pizza, ice cream, gyros.  
9. Playing slots at the casino. When I win, I feel happier, but I still am happy playing when I lose.
10. Shopping. Finding purses and costume jewelry I like, finding clothes that fit, shoes that fit.

And now to pass on the award. There are so many great bloggers. This time I pick:
Christine Verstraete
Marilyn Brant
L. Diane Wolfe
Lillie Ammann
Mary Welk

PS I have some other awards that I received earlier, was going to pass them on, but never got around to it. That's why I decided to do this one right away, so I wouldn't get lazy. I hope to get to the others soon.

By the way,
 Do any of the things I mentioned also make you happy?


  1. Awards are always good. Congrats.


  2. I'm with you on the family, friends, finishing a manuscript, signing a book I've written, etc. etc.

    Not to mention the sunny, warm weather that's on the way!

  3. Thanks, Morgan! I appreciate it.

    I'll respond to this at the first opportunity. I have posts already scheduled for a little while.

    Lillie Ammann
    A Writer's Words, An Editor's Eye

  4. Morgan, thanks so much!!! I'm honored ;). I don't have a dog (I've always wanted one!), but I know just what you mean about Chicago-North, connecting with online friends, blog comments, autographing and finishing manuscripts... And YES x100 on pizza, ice cream and gyros!! I think you could have written my top 10 list for me :-). I wish I could go to tonight's meeting, but we have a family event (to celebrate my husband's b-day and our anniversary). Hope you have a fun night!!

  5. Thanks Morgan, these are always fun. I'll try to get it on the blog this week.

  6. Since Helen gave me the award, too, Morgan, I will reserve most of my "what makes me happy" comments, but I did relate to your last one. Shopping is not much fun if you can't find things that fit.

  7. I think a lot of your list is pretty universal... family, pets. I'm sure that someday I'll get to autograph a book. And yes, it will be awesome!

  8. Morgan,

    My list is up now at


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