Thursday, March 25, 2010

Looking for one thing and finding another

This morning, I noticed one of my pens had fallen apart in my purse. I figured I'd look for the missing parts later.

Then, I decided to write checks for some credit card bills with my other pen. I finished that, but I wanted a paper clip to keep the bills together, since I planned on going to the bank and paying them on the way to work. So, I dug on the bottom of my very crowded purse to see if any paper clips could be had.

Instead of a paper clip, I came up with the top of the pen, in a spot unexpected, since it was on the other side of the purse, separated by lots of other items. I dug in again and found a spring, still no paper clip. I was happy to put the pen back in shape to be used later, and decided I really didn't need a paper clip after all.

This happened to me while writing Forever Young, which is still under construction. I needed a fix to get the story moving, but it eluded me. Originally I intended to include a slew of characters. Still, the ones I thought I'd include didn't quite fit. I couldn't figure out where they belonged.

I expanded the role of a confidante who had been barely skimmed over and buried in the story. By doing that, I discovered an entirely new direction for the novel. Now, the story will be more cohesive. I don't need those other characters, but they won't go to waste. I plan on using them later, perhaps in an anthology, or novels of their own.

What about you? Have you looked for one thing and found another, either in life or in writing?


  1. Funny that you should metion that.

    A couple of weeks ago I lost - just couldn't put my hands on - a giftcard someone had given me. I looked everywhere...and I mean everywhere. I even accused my hubby (poor guy) of using it! I finally gave up and figured I'd lost it somewhere.

    Yesterday, I was digging next to my seat in the car to retrieve a pice of paper that had gotten wedged in there, and low and behold, I pulled out my missing gift card. It was like my birthday all over again!

  2. Okay, I purposely carry a small purse just so I don't lose stuff, but it's like a D&D Bag of Holding - I can never find the bottom, let alone the item I seek!

    I went through that when creating my series. I originally envisioned Book III to follow Maria, Lori's (Book I) other best friend. But as I wrote the first book, the character of James seemed much stronger. So while Maria is still a MC (she and James get married) the focus is on him, not her.

  3. My problem is that I always hide things in places I will never find them. I'm doing a quick clean because someone is coming over and I tuck something from the counter into a drawer where it is forever least until I don't need it anymore. :)

  4. LOL, this happens to me all the time. Not in a purse, as I hardly ever carry one, but in other things, and certainly in my work. I am constantly having to pull myself back from wandering from one point to another.


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