Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Making Room in My Life

Right now my work in progress is occupying a large part of my free time. I'm going to find one of those meter things and stick it on my blog here so people can see I'm really doing something. It will also be a great motivator for me to get to the end.

I do have some great guests coming up here and at Acme Authors Link. You'll be learning about them soon.

Also, I plan on making some changes to free up more of my time to do things I really enjoy, like blogging, but that will have to wait a few more months until I can set my plan in motion.

Until then, I'll do what I can. You can usually find me on Facebook, by the way, since there's a pretty fast app for it on my Iphone and I can zing in and out of there quite often.

Here's my spot over there - http://facebook.com/morgan.mandel

I've also got a fan page, but that's for just in case my followers multiply twice as much as they are now and turn into 5,000. That one's at http://facebook.com/morganmandelauthor



  1. Good luck with your changes to make more time for writing. I am considering making some changes, too, so I can get more done on my fiction. I am in my office all day long, but seem to do more nonfiction and promoting than writing on my WIP. Sigh....

  2. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Good luck with your time management. Its hard. I only blog three times a week now but hope to blog more as the summer progresses.

    Stephen Tremp

  3. I think all writers have the same problem, managing their time. I use so much of my time promoting and sometimes I neglect my writing.


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