Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fly Like an Eagle?

I saw many eagles while I was on vacation in Wisconsin. They're graceful birds, but also puzzling.

While I walked Rascal one day, I noticed an eagle being chased by a smaller bird. You'd think the eagle, being so much bigger, would have turned on the smaller bird and attacked it. Instead, it put up with the harassment.

The incident reminds me of what's happening now in the publishing world. The smaller birds, i.e., indie publishers and small publishers, are chasing the eagles, i.e., traditional publishers.

The smaller birds are gaining. The big birds are only starting to realize they are threatened. For the most part, they're still going about their usual business, as if no threat is involved. Maybe they don't think there is one.  Or, maybe they can't find a way to get rid of the pesky little birds, the ones they thought wasn't so important but really are.

And what about the authors published by the traditional publishers? Some are having second thoughts about going the same route as before. They're not sure if flying like an eagle is the best choice.

I'm one of the small birds right now, but each author needs to decide what's the best flight path. The great thing about this whole phenomenon is there is a choice.


  1. Good points, Morgan. (I bet the small bird was a Mockingbird. Here in Texas these birds have no fear of dive-bombing vultures, hawks, anything.)
    Yes, we're the small birds, pecking away at the big guys, but I still think the bigger authors with NY will still make tons of money. Sometimes, I think we fool ourselves, and don't stop to put it in complete perspective.
    What the big guys will do is do what we are, and keep their old job, too. I'm a little afraid many of us will be knocked down in the end.
    Only time and effort will tell. Celia

  2. I like the analogy that you used and it is so very true. Being a small bird myself, I routinely harrass the bigger birds. I don't want to be a big bird, I just want the bigger ones to know that I am here and to take notice.


  3. What a wonderful analogy! Vacation can be so good for creativity :)

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