Sunday, October 23, 2011

Who Has 99 Cents Books?

I've been busy getting my work in progress edited, and have neglected my blog here lately. Still, today I saw a question on the Book Spa Friends egroup which I thought could use some attention.

It was Who Has 99 Cents Books?

I invite anyone with a book selling for 99 cents to let us know and leave a link.

Mine is Killer Career, about the lawyer whose career change could be deadly for her and the man she's come to love. Here's the Amazon kindle link:

It's also at Smashwords for 99 cents at

Do you have a 99 cents book or know someone who does?


  1. Can't let you hang here all by yourself.

    I've got several books still priced at 99 cents. Best way to find them is by name search in the Kindle store sorting by price low to high. Here's a shortcut to that search:

  2. I have 99 cents book and i purchased it last month from Memphis University Bookstore.You would enjoy reading this book and its worth reading it once.

  3. I have a YA short story Just Perfect for .99 on kindle.

  4. Laugh, cry and smile with NO MORE LIES, 99 cents kindle at amazon.con. A romance comedy. The tag line is: A lie that brings a smile...or the truth that draws a tear? Look for Mona Risk.

  5. 99 cent story! ANGEL AND THE COWBOY, BY CELIA YEARY. Find me on Amazon, where all my books are featured--easy to find "Angel." Jimmy Thomas is on the cover! 22,000 words.

  6. Morgan, thanks for this opportunity. My mystery novel, Sara's Search, is now available for Kindle at 99 cents here: More info about the book and some reviews by following the link

  7. I have a mystery novelette, a collection of humorous short stories, and a couple of standalone short stories at Smashwords for 99 cents along with some freebies--see

    Amazon doesn't allow you to post free stories, but the same 99-centers from Smashwords are available in Kindle format at Amazon:

  8. I have a $.99 book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. A Cordial Christmas is a western sweet romance about a man who thinks he has lost it all only to find out, he's been given the greatest gift of all - love.

    Nancy O'Berry

  9. I have one book, The Ultimate Game, for 99 cents. It's available at all major e-retailers. For the Kindle, it's at

  10. Hi Morgan,

    I don't have a book but a nice little supernatural Brenda Strange investigation short story for 99 cents on Amazon. THE BRENDA STRANGE FILES: The Bag of Souls is just perfect for Halloween reading.

    Patty G. Henderson

  11. I have several .99 short stories with Western Trail Blazer Publishing and Publishing by Rebecca J. Vickery.

    To Make the Magic Last-contemporary romantic suspense (summer theme)

    Always and Forever-contemporary rom. (Halloween thene)

    A Heart for a Heart-cont. rom. (military/Valentine theme)

    These three have Native American heroes.

    HOLIDAY .99 short stories:
    White Christmas-cont.rom.
    Scarlet Ribbons-western historical
    Homecoming-western historical (Civil War)

    These are all available at my Amazon page.


  12. WHIRLPOOL, Book #1 in my Julesburg Mysteries, is available for 99 cents only until Nov.1st. See it at Julesburg is a small town on the Oregon coast, not nearly as serene and innocent as it looks on the surface.
    And I've just made SEARCHING FOR STARDUST (women's fiction rather than a mystery as I usually write) available for 99 cents. It's at

    Thanks! Lorena McCourtney

  13. THE PROVIDENCE OF DEATH is available for the Kindle at .99. It's tagged as a mystery, but readers are saying there's more to the story than the average whodonit.
    One reader said she wants the following quote on her tombstone.
    "When I was broken, I found friends who helped me mend. When I was lost, I found friends who helped me find my way. When I was without purpose in life, I found friends who gave me one."

  14. Morgan, here's my 99 cent read on Kindle. It's a contemporary Christmas Romance set in France called "Christmas in Bayeux." Here's a link:


  15. What fun this is! I've got 3 mysteries for .99. August Gamble, the first in my Canadian mountie series is .99, I also have 2 short mystery stories for .99, The Hockey Bag and Weather Ladies.

  16. My latest is Fatal Dose- A Mike Dalmas story...
    Another in the Trestle Press Cliffhanger Digital Short Series:
    Husband, father, vigilante... Mike Dalmas left Special Forces to become a dedicated family man, but when his daughter gets molested he had his revenge, killing the pervert who committed the crime.
    Now the Bay City cops keep him out of jail if he takes care of their dirty work. The things their badge won't allow them to do but for which Dalmas has the right skill set.
    When the death of an innocent young girl is ruled as an OD Homicide cop Carver thinks the girl's boyfriend, a tough K-1 fighter, is behind it. He orders Dalmas to see justice done. But is the girl that innocent? And is they boyfriend really a criminal?

  17. Anonymous8:02 AM

    Most of my 20-plus crime novels, including all the Bubba Mabry stories, are on sale for 99 cents. Check them out at


    Steve Brewer

  18. An Uncertain Refuge will be at 99 cents until the economy bounces back - whenever that may be.

  19. The Farewell Season is on sale for 99 cents at Smashwords.

    Eric used to think he'd live forever, but not any more. As football season starts, he hopes he can live normally again after the death of his father, but his refusal to face his grief results in anger at his coach, fights with his sister, resenting added responsibilities, and disillusionment with football. It takes a special relationship with a girl dealing with the divorce of her parents to see he is angry with his father for dying and the way to get through grief is by grieving.

  20. Morgan, Thanks for the opportunity to post our books. My .99 book is Treasures of the Heart, a previously published contemporary romance that I put up at Kindle under my own company, Heartsong Press. It can be found at:

    Linda Hope Lee

  21. I have several 99 cent books. Of course they're available for the kindle, nook, etc. You can find links to them by visiting my website.

  22. I have a killer mystery short story - adult themes and language! - on Amazon for .99. You can find IT DOESN'T TAKE A GENIUS here:

    Set at Caltech, it's a sweet little tale of balancing the scales...

    Kate Thornton

  23. Me! Me! All of my books are .99 on Kindle and Smashwords

  24. Morgan! Me too! Me too!

    "Odd & Odder: A Collection of Sensuality, Suspense & Satire" brings together the creative, off-beat minds of published authors K. S. Brooks and Newton Love. From short stories befitting The Twilight Zone, to lustful verses of poetry, to thought-provoking flash prose: "Odd & Odder" is consistently fresh, sometimes outlandish, and truly entertaining.

    Available from Amazon Kindle

    and all other ebook formats at

    Sorry, but all my other novels are regular priced from the publishers.


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