Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Hi Folks, I'm finally through with the enormous project of uploading all of the videos I took from the Love Is Murder Mystery Conference.
You can access them by going to and doing a search for morganmandel (one word) Or you can go to my website at and visit the LoveIsMurder2007 page. Below all the photos is a list of the videos available with the individual links. Those featured in my videos are welcome to use the links on their websites.
The Love is Murder Mystery Montage features authors, publishers and an agent; Morgan Mandel, Barbara D'Amato, David J. Walker, John Helfers of Five Star, Joe DeMarco of Mysterical-E, Karen Syed of Echelon Press, Terry Burns of Hartline Literary Agency, Ken Bruen, Charlaine Harris, Nancy Pickard, Anne Perry, Silva Foti, Ophelia Julien, Hanley Kanar.
Individual videos available are: Tasha Alexander, Robert W. Walker, Morgan Mandel, Kelle Z. Riley, Margot Justes, S.D. Tooley, Luisa Buehler, Todd Stone, J.A. Konrath, Hanley Kanar, Sarah Wisseman & Molly MacRae, Steve Mandel, Dave Case, July Hyzy, Raymond Benson, Jim Doherty, Bob Goldsborough. Also included are two versions of my book trailer for TWO WRONGS by Morgan Mandel.
All the best,MORGAN MANDEL

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