Sunday, November 13, 2011

Girl of My Dreams is Now on Kindle and Smashwords!

My re-release of Girl of My Dreams is now finally on Kindle and Smashwords, both at the very low price of 99 cents.

It took me a while to figure everything out, but I did it!

Before I get too smug with myself, I have to remember I still have more work to do. Forever Young: Blessing or Curse is in the very final editing stage. Maybe I can have it ready to go up before Thanksgiving. (fingers crossed)

My re-release of Two Wrongs is also waiting in the wings. I'm hoping that will go smoothly, since it was already published before. Also, I did take notes this time around about things I really need to remember, so I'm hoping that will help.

Of course, my work won't be over after that, because I do have a sequel to Forever Young: Blessing or Curse which needs finishing. It's about one-third done. This one will probably be called Blessing or Curse: A Forever Young Anthology, and it tells what happens to some of the other test market subjects who take the young pill.

My editor has also suggested another sequel starring my original heroine. I'll have to see if I can rustle up enough dire happenings to make another book worthwhile about her.

Now that I'm psyched up, I think I'll hop over and try to update my website. That will be a project and a half. (g)

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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

What's Going On

I haven't spent too much time on this blog. That's because I've been enormously busy getting ready my thriller, Forever Young-Blessing or Curse. Right now it's with my editor, Helen Ginger, but I'm not sitting around in the meantime.

Since I received the rights back to my debut mystery, Two Wrongs, and my romantic comedy, Girl of My Dreams, with the aid of Stephen Walker of S.R. Walker Designs, I have some great, new covers. I'm almost through getting Girl of My Dreams ready for its second chance in the sun, with only a few tweaks to go, before tackling the electronic formatting for Kindle and Smashwords. I chose Girl of My Dreams to work on first, because it's shorter, and I wanted the good feeling of a job accomplished.

It's all a giant puzzle, which I hope will come together very soon!

Friday, November 04, 2011

Please Welcome My Guest, Anne Kelleher, Author of How David Met Sarah


Anne Kelleher is sixteen years older than her brother, and is the author of 11 previously published novels in addition to How David Met Sarah. Anne holds a degree from Johns Hopkins University and has studied English literature at the University of Connecticut. A gifted intuitive medium, Anne helps others connect to inner guidance and deceased loved ones. The mother of four and grandmother of two, Anne lives and writes in Connecticut, surrounded by a large circle of family and friends.

And now, something about her latest book...

Reading specialists, special education teachers and librarians agree that there are no other titles like this available. How David Met Sarah, the first in a series of five books written for intellectually or developmentally disabled individuals, uses vocabulary appropriate for a third-grade reading level.

David is a young man who works in a mailroom and lives at home with his parents. When a young woman named Sarah moves to his neighborhood and begins to attend his church, David believes she’s the girl of his dreams. First, however, he has to figure out to meet her.

David’s carefully structured world seems to contain all sorts of roadblocks, but David is determined to get to know the girl with the long red hair. Through a series of adventures (and a few misadventures) that illustrate the challenges and rewards of life as a differently-abled person, David indeed gets his wish at the end of this first installment in the series: David and Sarah are well on their way to becoming good friends.

And What Anne has to say about it...

How David Met Sarah is totally different from any of my other previously published eleven novels. I wrote the story for my 36 year old brother who has Down Syndrome. He reads at a third grade level but doesn't enjoy stories for third graders. How David Met Sarah is both content and reading level appropriate for someone with my brother's limited reading skills. However, what has truly delighted me is the way the story offers insights into the world of the developmentally disabled to the average-level reader.

I was inspired to write the story because I wanted my brother to have the experience of something that has always been an important part of my life: a good story well told. In order that my brother identify with the main character, I used the broad outlines of my brother's life as the starting point: like the main character David, the real David does work in a mailroom, he lives at home with my parents, and he did fall in love with a girl with long beautiful hair.

As a writer, what was interesting to me was that the story and its sequels are no easier to write than any of my other novels. Initially I had no plan to share the story with anyone other than my brother. When I shared it on a whim with a critique group, because I had nothing else to bring, I was amazed by the positive response. My brother loves his story. We both hope everyone else will, too.

That is fascinating, Anne.
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