Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Impressions - Barbara Walters Show & Academy Awards - Morgan Mandel

I've got a sore throat, which means a cold or the dreaded flu, but I got bored with sleeping.

To break the monotony, I watched Barbara Walters interview:

Miley Cyrus - or Destiny Hope Cyrus, which was the first name her parents gave her. She's 15 years old and already owns an entire wing in her parents' home. What a life!
Very engaging young girl who seems to have her head on straight despite all of her notoriety.

I also watched Barbara Walters interview Ellen Page, a very pretty 21 year old, very sensible, but she just had to close the interview singing a song which I can't get out of my head - nice little ditty.

Vanessa Williams - who spoke about the controversy over her nude photos and admitted they weren't worth it in the long run. Very lovely woman who admitted she, like many other movie stars, uses Botox.

Harrison Ford - who says his new Indiana Jones movie, set for release in May, will not hide the passage of time. Harrison himself is now 65, but doesn't look it.

I love the glamor of the Academy Awards. I particularly enjoy watching what the stars wear and how their hair is done. Sometimes they look completely different in person than on the sample movie clips shown.

Many of the women are wearing strapless gowns - which always make me a bit nervous - how do they keep them up without spilling out of them?

Anyway, I haven't seen any of the movies, but will eventually do so on DVD.

I just watched Tilda Swinton win supporting actress. She looked totally surprised. It was refreshing to see that much spontaneity.

Anyway, I'm signing off now so I can enjoy the rest of the Awards - Also to Dream that some day my romantic comedy, GIRL OF MY DREAMS by Morgan Mandel can be made into a movie - Well, I did say it was a dream, didn't I?

Morgan Mandel