Saturday, January 17, 2009

Memes and Tag Games - What are They? Do You Love or Hate Them?

What is a meme? Wikepedia describes it as "a neologism used to describe a catchphrase or concept that spreads quickly from person to person via the Internet, much like an inside joke."

The first time I was included in one by Marvin Wilson I had no idea what it was. I fast learned.

The rules are fairly simple. A meme usually involves using a blog to acknowledge and link back to the person who named you, plus pass along the meme to a specified number of bloggers by naming and linking to their blogs. When many links are involved, it can take a while to get everything together, since each person linked needs to be notified.

Memes usually include a list answering a question on a certain topic, with a specified amount of answers. Tags are derivations from memes.

Some people think such blogging games are silly or a waste of time. I believe they're a great way to make and keep blogging friendships, improve rankings and affirm standing in the blogging community, while also helping fellow bloggers gain recognition. That makes such games a win-win proposition. Not only that, they're an easy way to get subject matter for a blog.

Speaking of memes and tag games, I've been tagged by the lovely and talented blogging buddy, Dana Fredsti, with instructions to provide a list of six things that make me happy. That's easy. They are:

1. Relaxing with my husband and dog, Rascal. Most of the time I'd rather stay at home with my little family and eat a carryout while watching a DVD on my couch at home, than to get all fixed up and go out to a fancy restaurant.

2. Reading and Writing - Both are passions I wish I could indulge in more often than time allows. Unfortunately, I have a day job.

3. Blogging, networking and marketing on the web - I'm fascinated by the Internet and spend countless hours there making and expanding friendships,passing along tips I've learned and also telling people about my books, Two Wrongs and Girl of My Dreams.

4. Country Music - I love the songs, the stories, the singers. I listen to my favorite station, US 99.5 FM when I go to sleep at night and wake up to it in the morning.

5. I love vacations to Wisconsin, where I eat too much, enjoy the surroundings, hangout with not only the hubby, but also Rascal, and my good friend Jeanne. Jeanne and I indulge in shopping expeditions, and go somewhere else we really like. See #6.

6. Slot playing is another obsession of mine, which you may have heard me mention before. My friend, Jeanne, and I can and do spend hours on end playing the penny slots at Lake of the Torches Casino, which seems almost like a second home to us. It doesn't matter if we're winning or losing, we just love playing. That's dangerous and expensive, so I save this vice for vacation time only.

Okay, I've named the six things that make me happy. I'm now tagging Nancy Parra, Jenny Beans and Jennifer Ertmer to do the same. Have fun!

I've just demonstrated how a tag works by answering the one I received from Dana.

What about you? Do you like Memes or Tags? Do you Hate Them? Have you ever done one? Please share.


  1. Although I usually participate when tagged,I think of tags and memes as chain letters. I am uncomfortable passing them along so I'd rather not receive them.

    Jane Kennedy Sutton
    Author of The Ride

  2. Not crazy about them because they are usually too long! This one seems short and sweet though...

    L. Diane Wolfe

  3. Like my writing days, some are good, others are PITAs. I do them but don't usually tag others. Just leave 'em in a post for others to use if they wanna. :)

  4. Anonymous12:41 PM

    As long as they're short, I think the tagging games are fine.

  5. Hi Morgan,
    Thanks for tagging me- I'll blog about it in tomorrow's blog.

  6. I do them if I like them and pass them on to a select (lucky?!) few. I delete chain letters and probably would not like memes, but tags are usually fun and easy. Recently did "16 Things About Me" on Facebook - too long.

  7. I'm half and half on memes - if they're short and fun, I like 'em and sometimes they give me needed inspiration for a blog post. But when I'm uber busy, they drive me crazy. I liked this one a lot!

  8. I love doing memes, but I hate having to tag people.

  9. Anonymous3:20 PM

    I used to like them, at least the short & sweet ones - they make good filler when you're just starting out blogging and getting the networking going. With a well established blog now, though, not a big fan of them. I did this one a couple days ago just for old times sake and an good friend (Zhadi) but I also posted the announcement to DO NOT TAG ME ANY more! - LOL - cuz I won't do them anymore. But they CAN be fun for starters. I did enjoy reading your 6 things, as always, an enjoyable stop here at your blog, Morgan.

  10. Memes are a good way to get people to your blog--or so I've heard. I've only participated in a couple and like some of the others here mentioned, I hesitate to pass them along.

  11. I find them fun and like to read how people respond, but as others above noted, I hesitate on the "pass-along" part of the process.

  12. I'll do interesting memes, but I don't like to do too many or the same one more than once. I don't like to tag people either, as it makes some people feel forced to participate.

  13. I've only done 1 meme, and then just as a blogpost. I linked back to my tagger, but neglected to tag anyone else. Combination of shyness and unclear on the concept, I guess. And I guess I'm not sure how I feel about them. Not into lists and surveys, tho'.

  14. Morgan,

    I have participated in memes and even started one (at the suggestion of one of my readers who thought it would be interesting to see what other people would say about the topic of a blog post—which was work life balance).

    For awhile, though, I was getting tagged over and over again for silly things. Occasionally, I'll do something just because it's fun, but most of the time I'm selective. If the topic is something suitable for my blog, I'll do it. Otherwise, I pass.

    The ones like this, though, are good for letting readers learn a little more about the blogger, so every once in a while, they're worth doing.


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