Saturday, January 31, 2009

How Many Computers Do You Have?

I'm trying to remember how many computers we have in our house.

For laptops I come up with one Compaq, 2 IBMs, 2 Dells. Of these, I'm actually using one Dell and have convinced the DH to use my latest hand-me-down Dell. It's a little heavier and slower than my laptop Dell of choice, but suits him well at home, especially for listening to streaming music from WJJQ FM, the Tomahawk music station we listen to on vacation. The Compaq and 2 IBMs run off very old programs and have little memory. In other words, they're obsolete.

For desktops, there's my old Pentium One upstairs which the DH had wanted to use for playing the game programs, which he never does. There's also a Windows 98 computer the DH insists on keeping, mainly for his Outlook Express messages, but I'm slowly weaning him off of it. For one thing, it's tediously slow.

Then there's my old Dell XP desktop, which I replaced about six months ago with my super high speed Dell XP Vostro with the 19" monitor, which I absolutely love. I intended to give the old Dell to the DH, once I got all his Outlook Express messages loaded onto it, but he seems drawn to my Vostro with the high speed. Maybe it's the convenient location, right in the dining room, which is a misnomer for the room, since we only eat breakfast there.

That's okay, since we're TV tray people and don't usually entertain guests, except for Christmas.

As usual, I'm digressing. Anyway, the question is How Many Computers Do You Have? Do you keep your old computers? Do you use them occasionally? Are we the only computer savers? Please share.


  1. Anonymous7:59 AM

    I "only" have 2 - my main desktop machine at my home office and my laptop from my church office that I travel with.

  2. We have three that are actually in use, one laptop and two PCs, all Windows based. My husband travels so much that he most likely will be getting a laptop to take with him, so that'll add one more. We used to keep old computers mostly because we didn't know what to do with them. But we've since gotten rid of them (yes, multiple unused computers sitting around in the garage), we are now an in-use computer family.

    Helen Ginger

  3. We have two - his and hers - laptops. We live in a smallish condo so we don't have room to keep anything that doesn't work.

    Jane Kennedy Sutton

  4. Anonymous9:07 AM

    One working desktop but don't ask how many I've lost to viruses.

  5. We have four! One old laptop that was given to us that we watch movies on while treadmilling.

    The other three are all very funtional. The newest one is in my husband's office and I have the other two on my desk. He buys a new computer every 2-3 years, and I get the hand-me-down. We did have another one in the closet, but we gave it to a friend when her computer crashed. All of our computers are Dell.

    L. Diane Wolfe

  6. I have my gorgeous notebook sized samsung and husband has my old Toshiba laptop which is much higher spec but won't fit in my handbag.

  7. I think we have six at the moment.

  8. Total: 8
    In our living room: 5
    Hubby's computer, his work laptop, one of his client's laptops, my laptop & my computer.

    In my family daycare space: 3
    Kids play computer (my old computer)
    Computer in a closet waiting for adopted kids to use. (hubby's old computer)
    A child's laptop from which is for children, but I'm still trying to figure out how to use it. LOL

  9. Anonymous12:17 PM

    There are only 2 here in this household. My laptop which I am permanently attached to, and then hubbys desktop PC. Both are HP but I am holding out for an ibook. (So yuppy I know. ;) )

  10. Anonymous1:26 PM

    We have one - our PC desktop computer. I use it during day for work and the Hubs uses it on nights and weekends when he's playing computer games.

    I'm very satisfied with our PC, as we can update it easily, but if I had the funds I'd love one of those Tablet PCs where you can draw right on the screen. The pen sensitivity isn't up to Wacom tablet standards yet, but oooh they just seem so cool.

  11. Anonymous1:48 PM

    I always give my old ones away. I travel a lot and hauling computers just wouldn't work. But I can remember all the computers I've had. Even the Kaypro. Remember that one!
    Jo Ann Hernandez

  12. We have four in use- and two in storage. :) There are three people living in the house. Crazy!

    Cool blog, Morgan.

  13. We have two in use. That's it. I usually recycle mine when I get a new one. I do miss my laptop though. My cat chewed through the cord and fried it completely. Makes me just want to run right out and get six more cats, let me tell you!! The laptop was nice though because I could go outside and sit in the back yard when I wanted to write. It may be time to invest in a new one.

    Jenny Bean

  14. We have two computers in the house -this one, which I just bought two years ago and I have no idea what make it is. Bought it through the local computer shop near here. The other one, my old computer that I bought back in 1999, is in the basement, not hooked up or anything al though we could probably hook it up down there and it could be utilized I suppose for something. Thing is, all my family tree data is on it and can't be copied over because there is no cd-writer on it -just the floppy disc thing. THe guy who I bought this computer from, who set it up, etc., promised he would take the family tree data off the old one and transfer it to a cd or dvd, but never got around to transferring that information for me. So, I'm still trying to figure out a way I can pull the data off the old one and transfer it here to this one. Any suggestions?

  15. Jeni, Does the old computer have a usb port? If so you might be able to transfer the data with one of those little usb flash cards.

    Morgan Mandel

  16. Morgan, you beat me to that suggestion :-) We have three here--one for each person and they are all in use--and all in the living room :-)

  17. I forgot to add my handy, multi-purpose Iphone to the list. It gets me to websites also with the Safari browser, plus sends and receives emails.

    Morgan Mandel

  18. Wow, that's a lot of computers! :-)

    I moseyed on over from Mike's writing workshop Spotlight Sites of the Day post.

    So glad he introduced me to your site!


  19. I have two for work (a laptop plus a desktop) in addition to a PDA that I use for databasing and editing DOC files. That's three for me. In addition, the kids have a desktop, and my husband has one. Now, in his den, there are three more desktop towers that are capable of being used, with a quick hard drive wipe and reinstall of the OS intended to the machine. The oldest in there is a 95, and the newest is a ME. So, we have five in use, at the moment and three more that could be, if needs be.


  20. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Three working ones (including laptops) and one defunct.

    Congrats on completing the blog-a-day marathon and thanks for commenting on my blog.

  21. I have three working (1 laptop, one new desktop that I haven't migrated my stuff to yet, and one desktop on the way out). I also have a computer that needs to be discarded once I get the hard drive taken out. All my computers are Dells. I want a new small laptop for travel, but that will have to wait another year.

    Evelyn David

  22. We have three. 2 desktops and 1 laptop... with the kids we use all three and they're all in the same room--our office/library. No one is allowed to touch my desktop except me though... It's where I write, so it's worth too much! LOL!

  23. We have 2 - a laptop and a desktop.

  24. We have 3 computers at home: 2 laptops and a big desktop in the 'computer room', as we call our office.

  25. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Two or three desktops and four laptops. Maybe more. My husband likes to fix up old ones to sell to people.

  26. Anonymous1:20 AM

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