Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Eight Reasons to Comment on Blogs

I'm curious. I wonder how many blog readers like to comment and how many don't.

It wasn't until I got heavy into blogging that I understood the values and joys of commenting. Before that, I would read a blog that caught my interest, but wouldn't think of leaving a message below it to say what I thought of the blog.

If you don't leave comments, you're missing out on some great opportunities, such as:

  1. A chance to slip in a tie about your latest work-in-progress if it relates to the blog topic;
  2. A chance to get your brand out to the public;
  3. A chance to rack up another Google when people look up your name;
  4. A chance to be considered an expert on a subject;
  5. A chance to make cyber friends;
  6. A chance to share your thoughts with the blogger and successive readers of that blog;
  7. A chance to promote your own blogspot by including a link at the bottom of your comment;
  8. A chance to make a fellow blogger look good. You may not have thought of it before, but regular bloggers do check other bloggers' posts to see how many comments they receive.

Can you think of any other good reasons to comment on a blog?

If you don't usually comment, has my post convinced you to try? I'd love it if this were the first post you commented on. It's easy, just click at the bottom right side of this post where it says comments (or the number of comments if someone has already made one). A pop-up window will come up. You may need to answer Yes. After that, you can add your thoughts. When you're done, it may also prompt you to say Yes again. Once you've done that, a message should say your comment is saved.

If you're a regular at commenting, as always I welcome your insights.

Regulars or rookies, please share.


  1. All good reasons to comment on blog. I admit that in the beginning, I would read a post, figure I didn't have anything significant to add and would amble on to the next blog on my list. Now I feel like it's important that I try to let the blogger know I came by -- by leaving a comment, if I can. I am only just recently making myself leave my blog URL

    And I have made some wonderful cyber friends!

  2. Anonymous6:50 AM

    I'm one of those who are guilty of not commenting on blogs posts that I find interesting/helpful. Being a major procrastinator, I always mean to come back later and comment but never do.

    Another good reason to comment is that it gives the blogger the sense that what they post is actually reaching someone. That, I think encourages the poster to continue what they are doing and seek to always improve upon the quality of their posts.

  3. I don't always comment but I do comment fairly frequently. If someone is writing something that I have only a minimal interest or knowledge about the topic, I don't usually put my two cents in there as I feel it would muddy the waters for better responses that could be garnered. If it is a topic that I am really hepped up about or have some good first hand knowledge there -or that just plain strikes a chord, then I do generally comment. And, if it is a blogger who almost always reciprocates by reading/commenting on my blog, then the odds I will find something to say increase.

  4. I try to comment if it's a subject that peeks my interest or if it was a really good blog. But if it bored me to tears or was about something that I have no interest in, I'm not going to comment.

    Joan De La Haye

  5. I love to comment! It's something that's super fun for me. Lately though, depending on the time I'm reading blogs--it's seems my server here in England can't cope with a lot of people online--and so I'll get messages that say server error. It's really frustrating, and then eventually after several tries i give up and try to post a comment the next day! LOL! It looks like it's working today tho! YAY!

  6. I agree with everything you have to say! Plus it's just fun to comment. You do get to know more people this way too!

  7. I like to read the comments as well as the blog.

    Helen, do you get more hits on your blog when you leave your url? I thought people would simply click on my name and get linked...hmmm.

    Morgan, thanks for posting in the mornings, now not only do I get to read you on the day you write, but I get to see more comments-and have the added bonus of not feeling a day late and a dollar short. Thanks!

    Visit me at

  8. Anonymous9:26 AM

    I've been commenting regularly on blogs for some time now. Several months ago I learned a nifty technique from one of the marketing gurus. You can actually link your keyword to your name and url in your comment and get another high quality backlink to your site just by commenting. Not all comment templates let you do that. But the ones that give you the name/URL option do. I'll post this comment that way so you can see what I mean by using the keyword "inspiring stories." If you click on my name it will take you directly to my website where the book can be purchased. Nifty, huh?

  9. Thanks, you gave me a great article to pass on to my FaceBook group Red River Writers.

  10. Sharon,
    Thanks for the new info about links. I'll have to check it out some time.

    Morgan Mandel

  11. Hi Morgan! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :-)

    I usually leave comments on almost all the blogs I read - I love "meeting" new people and I think comments are a great way to do that.

  12. Great little article, Morgan. I confess that I'm not much of a blog follower, but have been more so lately. I figure if I leave comments on others blogs, then they will reciprocate with me, and I get my name out more.

  13. Anonymous12:01 PM

    You get to:

    -Offer support.
    -Spread a good word or two.
    -Offer praise or admiration.
    -Give someone the chance to get to know you better.
    -enhance an already developed relationship.

    I could go on...

  14. I enjoy receiving comments, therefore, I have become much better at leaving comments.

    Jane Kennedy Sutton
    Author of The Ride

  15. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Writing doesn't come easily to me, even when it's just leaving comments on people's blogs. Hopefully this month-long post-a-day challenge will be like ninja training and give me the boost I need.

  16. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Good list of reasons. What goes around comes around. Comment unto others as you would have them comment unto you (smile). Apparently you're doing SOMETHING right, Morgan. LOTS of comments on this blog lately!

  17. Anonymous3:49 PM

    I have commented on a couple of blogs recently, and it is fun, but one thing I was unclear about was "Choose an Identity." Name/URL makes it sound like you need a website, so I picked Anonymous in a couple of cases when I didn't need to. Now I see that I should just put my name. (I am writing this just in case anyone else was confused about this.)


  18. The Choose identity part gives an option. Some don't want to be known. Others have Google/Blogger passwords they can put down, which will result in their profile photos being displayed with their comments, if they've added their photos to their profile pages.

    I could have opted for the setting of only allowing Google/Blogger members to participate, but that would exclude way too many people.

    Hope this clears it up more. Glad you mentioned this, since other people may have been wondering also.

    Morgan Mandel

  19. Great reasons, indeed. For me, commenting was a way to ease into making a post. I had lurked on several political sites for years, never commenting and certainly never adding my own post. Eventually, my urge to render my opinion got the better of me and I began to comment. That led to me making posts. Then I moved over to book industry blogs and repeated the process, until at last I set up to host OTP authors and friends.

    So, sometimes a good reason is that commenting can get you rolling!


  20. I'm relatively new to blogging, but I've made some great contacts by looking for blogs that relate to my subject, i.e. "cowgirls." I also recently received an affirmation that "viral marketing" does indeed work. I had a call from a radio/TV station in Glendive MT, saying she'd read about my book on a blog and wanted to interview me! (I grew up near there and my book takes place in MT)
    So, I agree, it's important. It takes time, but it's a part of your marketing strategy.

    Heidi M. Thomas
    Cowgirl Dreams

  21. Hey Morgan! Excellent reasons (a few I hadn't thought of) hmmmm. I always try to comment if it's something I can contribute to. Sometimes the task of following multiple blogs is overwhelming but I always enjoy the interaction! I find it especially fun when I find friends in unexpected places.

    Marta Stephens

  22. I never thought about comments like this before. Now it makes sense to take the time to comment.


    Joy Delgado
    We go Beyond Reading

  23. These are great tips. I always think about what others might think of the comments I leave, and hope that I've left behind a small bit of wisdom or encouragement when needed. Unfortunately, my schedule over the holidays didn't allow much time for blogging or commenting, so I'm falling a bit behind. Time to get back on the wagon. :)

  24. I like your list. Funny, I notice you have a lot of comments on this post.

  25. Anonymous8:31 PM

    I think commenting is definitely a good thing, and I try to comment when I stop by a blog. It's the finding time to stop by that's the problem for me. ;)

  26. I definitely see the advantage of commenting on blogs as a way of networking, and I like to let bloggers know that they are being read - I know when I don't get any comments, I sometimes wonder if I'm blogging into a black hole (yes, I have counters).

    Mostly, I like to comment because my perfect job would be to sit in a big comfy chair and give people my opinion all day (ha ha ha ha ha)!


  27. You always have such great ideas.

  28. I don't comment often're right, though, about everything you said. Very insightful!

  29. I'm definitely beginning to understand the attraction of leaving comments. It was hard at first, but I like reading the others' comments as well.
    Thanks for asking, great question!

  30. As usual, you've come up with some pretty awesome ideas.


  31. Nice article, Morgan. I have the best of intentions when it comes to following blogs and commenting, but with the kids around and having so many other things to do, I don't get a chance to do it as often as I would like.

    But here I am now, so I can pat myself on the back. LOL!


  32. Morgan:

    I found another set of reasons to comment on other people's blog posts and wrote a whole blog about it, linking to your post.

    Jacqueline Lichtenberg

  33. Okay, you convinced me to leave a comment. Although, I'm wondering if you're going to find it after all you already have 32 comments on this post alone.

  34. Excellent post. I hadn't really thought about it before, but if I visit a blog I do try to leave a comment. I think of it as indirect advertising and building name recognition comment by comment. I've also made some wonderful online friends this way.


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