Sunday, January 11, 2009

Window Washers and Writers are Over at Blood-Red Pencil Today

Today, I've got two posts running, the one below about receiving the Premio Dardos Award, plus another over at about Window Washers and Writers.

The Blood-Red Pencil blog is about editing books, so if you need editing pointers, it's a great place to go. We've got lots of great editor members onboard.

Hope you enjoy one or both of my posts today.

Feel free to leave a comment here, there or below.


  1. I'm editing a book right now and any and all tips are welcome-so I'll head on over.


  2. Hello Morgan! I loved your post over at Blood-Red Pencil today. I never would've thought to use the metaphor of window washers to describe writers, but it works perfectly.

    I'm sad to say I'm a Category 1 for now, but I'm working to become more of a Category 2. It's always a struggle to silence that inner editor, but I think I'm making progress. I also enjoyed your post about "stealing friends" on blogs. I do that too! Thanks for the great perspective!

  3. Thanks for the award Morgan. I will have to get onto that soon.


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