Thursday, January 29, 2009

Please Welcome my Guest, Shelia M. Goss

The author of the national best-seller, My Invisible Husband, is back with her fifth novel - His Invisible Wife.

To celebrate her upcoming release, she's made a stop here on the"Invisible Love" Virtual tour.

Here's What Shelia Has To Say:

The Relationship
By Guest Blogger, Shelia M. Goss

The relationship between a writer and a reader can equate to a love affair. First it’s the courting period. Before the first date, you, the writer must introduce yourself and your book title. The title should be catchy; something easy for readers to remember. Don't be shy. Tease them with a short synopsis about your book.

If you're feeling risque, now would be the time to flirt a little by allowing readers a sneak peek of the book by offering a chapter excerpt on your website.

Once you get your readers’ attention, put your best foot forward and make sure on one of your dates you show an eye-appealing book cover for your new book. If you don't have a book cover yet; don't fret; readers are not going to turn you down just because you don't have the cover. In fact, with a catchy title and unique premise, readers will be salivating at the mouth to see you unveil your cover.

While building up a solid relationship with readers, make sure you keep communication open. Communicate your release dates and where your books will be sold.

Readers, just like lovers, like gifts. Don't hesitate to offer prizes for purchasing your book. Don't forget about your faithful mailing list subscribers either. I know it may be hard when you have so many potential lovers, but you must treat them all as if they are special.

Also remember just like you, readers love others; so there’s no need to hate. There’s enough love to go around. Cross-promote with other writers and reach more book lovers.

When the “release” date finally arrives, don't be shy.

After courting the readers, they'll decide if they will take you up on an exclusive relationship for X amount of hours by purchasing and reading your book. When readers picks up your book, they are expecting to be taken on a journey. Let the journey be enticing and enthralling so that your book lovers won't hesitate to tell friends about the great love they've found in your book. In the book love fest, the more the merrier and the pleasure you'll get from hearing about a book club selecting your book is immeasurable.

If you build a solid relationship with your readers, they will look forward to your next release. Continue to learn ways to improve your techniques and hopefully with each book release, you will gain more lovers.

I hope readers fall in love with my two new characters Jake and Brianna.

More about Jake & Brianna from His Invisible Wife:

How far would you go for a million dollars?

Texas businessman Jacob "Jake" Banks is about to lose his business and everything else he's worked for until his uncle dies and leaves him as the executor of his estate--only catch is, he has to marry and marry a specific woman in order to cash in on the inheritance. Big problem, since Jake has vowed to be a bachelor for life.

Brianna Mayfield is at her last rope. Her father lost his business due to Jake's uncle turning down a loan. She's convinced this caused her father to fall into a deep depression. She blames the Banks and vows to pay them back one day. When she sees an ad in the paper for a job at her self-proclaimed enemy's company, she feels her luck is turning around. She applies and is later approached by Jake with a proposition she can't turn down.

His Invisible Wife can be pre-ordered on It will be in stores in July.

Shelia M. Goss is the Essence Magazine Best-Selling author of My Invisible Husband, Roses are thorns, Paige’s Web, Double Platinum and the new teen series, The Lip Gloss Chronicles. His Invisible Wife is her fifth women's fiction novel.

For more information, visit Shelia's website

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  1. Hi Shelia,
    Welcome to Double M.
    I hope you have a great time visiting here today.

    Morgan Mandel

  2. Congrats Shelia! I always loved this book title. Continued success.

  3. Ooh! Very interesting! I love the tease and synop.. LOL! And i love the courting rules, super cute!

  4. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Morgan - thanks for hosting me today. I'm glad to make Double M one of my stops.

    18 Authors - thank you. I might have one more Invisible book in me :)

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  5. A great article as usual, Morgan. You have some of the most interesting interviews and write-ups. Thanks for the good read. Loved the theme.

    Gwyn Ramsey

  6. Anonymous8:02 AM

    very sound advice
    best of success to you

  7. Anonymous8:12 AM

    Gwyn - I'm glad you liked the theme.

    Elliott610 - thanks.

  8. Cogratulations Shelia,
    can't wait to read it...


  9. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Hi Shelia. Your book sounds really good

    The Bluestocking Guide

  10. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Angelia & Bluestocking - I hope you both like the book.

  11. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Good article with loads of great advice. Thanks Sheila and Morgan!

  12. Anonymous3:05 PM

    What an interesting the analogies!

  13. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Nancy/Marvin/Book Marketing Buzz - thank you all for checking it out.

  14. Thanks for the fun interview full of good advice.

    Jane Kennedy Sutton

  15. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Thanks Jane.

  16. Great tips. I'm looking forward to using them on when it comes closer to the time my book is released.

  17. Thanks again, Shelia.
    We all enjoyed your stay here.
    Much success with your new release.

    Morgan Mandel

  18. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Katie - keep in touch--let me know when your book comes out.

    Morgan - Thank you for opening up your home on the web to me. You have an open invitation so whenever I can return the favor--let me know.

  19. Shelia, thanks again for stopping by. Did I say how much I love your book cover? It's terrific.

    Thanks for your invitation. I just may take you up on the offer when I can get caught up again.

    Morgan Mandel

  20. Anonymous8:33 PM

    I like the way you used the metaphor of a love affair to talk about how to handle a book. good job.
    Jo Ann Hernandez

  21. Anonymous3:32 AM

    Way to go! Great article. I'm a huge GOSS fan!!


  22. Anonymous11:03 PM

    Thanks Jo Ann & Shaye.


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