Wednesday, June 13, 2007

GIRL OF MY DREAMS By Morgan Mandel

Just wanted to share the good news!!!

GIRL OF MY DREAMS, my romantic comedy about an assistant who becomes a reality show contestant, will be released next Summer by Hard Shell Word Factory.

This novel is a far cry from my still available mystery, TWO WRONGS, which deals with revenge and its consequences.

Too many years ago, when I was a young girl, my Dad would take me and my brothers to the library and we'd each check out a pile of books on what was called a Summer Loan. My favorite book, which I took out each year without fail, was Cinderella. Because of such wonderful experiences, it was natural for me to concoct a Cinderella story of my own. I had a great time writing it.

Not only does my heroine become exceedingly beautiful after her makeover, but she also gets into all kinds of embarrassing scrapes as she travels with the reality show from Hollywood, California to such exciting locales as Waikiki Beach, Hawaii - Venice, Italy - Las Vegas, Nevada & Paris, France.

I've added two handsome hunks for Cinderella to choose from, plus a sliver of suspense to spike up the action. Nothing too scary, since GIRL OF MY DREAMS is a comedy.

If you have some spare moments, hop over to my website at

You'll have your choice of Morgan Dark or Morgan Lite. Don't be afraid to try both!

See you there --Morgan Mandel

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