Sunday, April 06, 2008

Great time at Mystery Authors Book Signing April 5 at B & N

Glad to say the Book Signing yesterday, April 5, at Barnes & Noble -
Arlington Heights, IL was a fun time & great success. We canvassed the store, sold our books and made new friends.
Now I have even more photos to add to my 2008 Book Signing page at

Here's one to start out with.
Morgan Mandel

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  1. I found your blog through the 'Writing' tab on my Interests profile. What a great tool for connections.

    Yesterday, I posted something that I think will interest writers everywhere. I blogged about David Wolverton/Farland (nationally renowned Sci-Fi and Fantasy author—think Star Wars books) and his free daily writing lessons and tips by email.

    This man is super talented, and his totally free advice is for writers of all genres, at all stages of their careers.

    Hope you don’t mind me letting you know this, but I’m so impressed with David’s generosity and willingness to help improve world writing skills, that I wanted to share with as many writers as possible.

    I’ve been scribbling for over 20 years and am still learning plenty.


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