Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A LONG WALK by Morgan Mandel

Just went for a long walk with my husband and Rascal. It was a perfect summer night with a gentle breeze. Something to remember when the cold winds blow this winter.

Labor Day happens way too soon. I thought I'd have more time this summer to finish all sorts of things, mainly, the new book I started writing, the e-mails that need pruning, the reorganization of my work space.

I don't think those things will happen soon. But, little by little, yes. I'm encouraged by the steps I'm taking. I received great feedback from my critique at the Chicago-North RWA meeting and have a better idea of where my Mr. Fix-It story is headed.

On the homefront, we received a good quote from Yardworks, Etcetera, Inc, who will soon proceed with trimming the evergreens and clearing out the deadwood, including the Rose of Sharon which refused to bloom this year. It's a shame since I really loved those flowers. The DH has even begun cleaning out the garage, in increments, but at least it's a start.

Everything is falling into place, but not as fast as I'd hoped. That's okay. I'll enjoy the weather, the company of my husband and Rascal, and finish my book a step at a time. It might be a long walk, but I've gone on ones before with Two Wrongs and Girl of My Dreams, so I know I can do it.

Morgan Mandel

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