Saturday, August 16, 2008

SOCIAL NETWORKS by Morgan Mandel

These flowers have nothing to do with the blog subject, but they're pretty enough to share.

Thanks to Blogger, I've got some neat widgets here you can link to and take you to some great social networks. You may even find me on some of them. BOOK PLACE and SIXTY AND SAVVY at and are my own networks, but I belong to many others on ning. The array is endless and addictive.

I spend endless hours also at MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, Shelfari, Youtube, Goodreads. I gave up on Second Life because it was too confusing for me. You'll find some of my links further down in the left column. There are quite a few. When in doubt, if you type morganmandel in the address, you usually can find me.

Does it help market my books, TWO WRONGS and GIRL OF MY DREAMS? I can't tell for sure now, but I do know I'm making lots of friends without leaving home!

Morgan Mandel


  1. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Nice looking blogsite, Morgan! Sheesh, I gotta do more with my layout & stuff. {-:>

  2. The colors are definitely eye catching.

    I never thought I'd be blogging - period, but here I am blogging almost every day. Actually at least through August, a blog post every day.

    We do meet on your .ning sites, and I'm on a number of others, too.


  3. You are amazingly active! Wow.

    Somebody, someday, has to explain ning to me. Lately, I've heard it mentioned several times and I am totally clueless.

  4. Glad you guys like my new layout. Blogger didn't have a lot of templates to pick from, but at least they let me play with the colors and fonts on this one.

    Vivian and I bump into each other on Ning occasionally. Ning is great for free publicity.

    For anyone not sure what ning groups to join, the easiest thing to do is go to and type in what you're interested in and you'll see a bunch of groups to join, or just join the most popular ones they show. Lots of things you can do on ning. Also, there's always, my network you can get your feet wet in.
    Morgan Mandel


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