Thursday, January 14, 2010

Google Is So Smart!

Last night the DH had trouble starting the hand-me-down laptop I gave him when I switched to a lighter one for the train. He'd push the Start button, the lights would go on, then turn off. We changed the adaptor, but that didn't help.

In desperation, I went to Google on my desktop computer and typed, "Dell Latitude D600 starter." It wasn't long before I found a link where other people had experienced the same problem as the DH. The solution was strange, but worth a try - Press the Start button, while firmly holding down F9 and F10.

We tried it. It worked!!

Google Is So Smart!!!

Have you had a similar experience when Google solved one of your problems?


  1. I usually find everything I need via Google. Haven't turned to another search engine in ages. Google and gmail are the best.

    Straight From Hel

  2. I wonder if Google can help with my HP problems. Thanks for leaving a comment at Paperback Writer, really appreciate it.

  3. Morgan, You said it alright. Google is wonderful. My paying job as a medical transcriptionist wouldn't have lasted long had it not been for Google and its ability to research.

  4. What did we ever do before Google? Glad you found the solution to your problem!

  5. I can't hardly remember or even imagine life anymore without Google!

    Marvin D Wilson


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