Monday, January 04, 2010

New Apple Whatever

I really want a kindle, but I also really want to see what Apple is cooking up. If I buy a kindle now, I may wish I'd saved that money and put it toward the new Whatever that's being hinted at by Apple.

To tantalize me, Yahoo keeps running an article this week, not really giving any new information, just speculating enough to whet my appetite.

I don't want to wait. I hate waiting, but I'll see if I can hold out. Hopefully, it won't be too long. If I like whatever the Whatever turns out to be, hopefully, it won't cost too much. Also, hopefully, it will work the way it should. Right now there's a glitch with the Iphone software making it necessary for me to jump through hoops to get my photos off the phone, which didn't happen before their update.

So, maybe I should get that kindle. I have enough Amazon points saved up. No, maybe I should wait.

What about you? Do you have a kindle? Are you curious about Apple's new Whatever?


  1. I'm waiting for Apple. I am also going to try reading on the iPhone -- I have to replace my Treo as it is, so I figure that's a good place to start.

  2. As I tweeted earlier this morning: I just can't justify spending $1,000 on the Tablet--especially since my MacBook Pro was a big purchase and does so much more.

    I understand how cool the Tablet's going to be, but now that I'm a grown-up, I can't just make major purchases like that without a need.

    One thing that's get me leaning--actually two things--is if it were priced in the $600 range AND it was also somehow a phone (with video capabilities) NOT tied into ANY carrier, but that could be used via "pay as you go": i.e., "topping up."

  3. Lisa,
    I've tried reading on my Iphone. I do it when I have to, but I still don't know how to keep my place without having to start over again and spend time getting back to where I left off. Maybe there's a way I don't know about. Also, it's kind of small for reading.

    Stephen. I don't know what Apple is cooking up. It's a waiting game and I hate waiting. I won't spend $1000 for a tablet, but I don't know whatever else it might be and how much it might be. Kindles are $259, an amount I can afford right now, but if it's a little more, I can save up and wait.

    Morgan Mandel

  4. Kindle sounds like a great tool, but while travelling, I prefer the audio version of anything...mystery books preferably :)

    As for Apple...I gave up my iPhone for a Crackberry because simply I needed a phone with email capabilities AND good phone connection quality, which iPhone was lacking severely at the time.
    i have to say I miss it, and perhaps one day I will consider switching back. Perhaps the new ones will allow you talk and search the web or text without interrupting each other functions.

  5. I am tempted to get a KINDLE but when the news broke about an IPAD I became curious so much so that I will wait and if it seems to do what "they" say it will do then I want one! But then I want everything! LOL I will hold out for it, it's just a few months.

  6. Honestly, I thought I was up on the newest. Guess not! I had not heard that Apple was coming out with a reader. I was seriously looking at a Kindle but decided against it. Hard time justifying the cost at the moment but still interested. I think that there will be better devices out in the near future...seems like when I invest in something, the technology changes so soon that it's almost obsolete...ever had that happen? Anyways, for now I'm using my new IPod Touch for a bit of reading, but in small increments. A little difficult on the eyes. I'll keep watching.

  7. I'm waiting for prices to come down and I'd like to see what Apple has. I love my iPod. Not interested in a Mac or an iPhone, but I'll see what they have.

  8. I'm in the same boat. I want a reader of some sort, but I'm getting to the point where I also need to replace my aging Macbook. Apple anything is usually better than the alternative, imho, so I'm trying to hold out to see if it's a tablet/reader thing that could replace my laptop as well.

    I have put a few books on my iPhone, but I really want something larger for more relaxed reading. I already know what authors are going on it the very minute I get it--whatever "it" ends up being. I just wish Apple would hurry!

  9. Santa brought me a Kindle this year and I'm in love. It might just change my whole opinion of eBooks because I find it easy to use and fun to read on. The only problem is that I can't seem to get the search function to work. It's probably me, as I am a technology dummy.

    As for Apple, I never knew they were working on anything. I don't really keep up on that kind of stuff. My hubby loves his iPod and was considering an iPhone so that he could switch to one device versus the three he has on his belt right now, but my son said the Droid was much better. We need to do some investigating before we move forward on anything else.


  10. I have the Sony, but I'm curious to see what Apple will have.

  11. I have the Sony, but I'm curious to see what Apple will have.


  12. I am very excited about an Apple product for ebooks. One reason is because it will be able to display in full color, which my new publishing project is counting on. ( Ebook readers will move in this direction.

    Also, I'm excited because Apple makes things pretty! This device will be sleek and sophisticated. From the rumors I've read, it will have Wi-Fi capabilities, and much more. Squee!

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  14. I'm a long-time Mac user which has allowed me to remain only semi-computer literate. . . I've always told people that Macs are the computer for idiots and I fit that description. I'm very curious about this new Apple whatever it is. I'm probably going to have to buy a new computer in the next couple of years *sniff, lip trembling* as my beloved lamp shade/soccer ball iMac is getting outdated.

    I can't imagine what Apple is aiming for, but it tends to create things that are multi-useful and innovative so I'm definitely intrigued.


  15. I have a Kindle. I love my Kindle, and I have never regretted purchasing it. Barnes & Noble released the Nook which is worth checking out too. I heard that the Apple release could be more of a tablet PC than an ereader. I can tell you that I love my Kindle, but I can see why you want to wait to see what will come out in the near future.


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