Monday, June 28, 2010

More Productive Week?

Here's to a more productive week this time around. One not filled with coughing fits, getting tech stuff figured out and other not so fun stuff.

With the help of at&t tech support, I got a tethering problem solved with my new iphone. After I  had set it up to tether, when I got home my laptop computer wouldn't work independently off of my dsl network. It insisted on being hooked to the iphone.

After a not enlightening very long session with Apple, I called at&t and the guy had the problem fixed pretty fast. Now, maybe I can enjoy the phone and get down to doing more work on the WIP.

Unless more coughing fits interrupt, but so far today it's been better. Summer colds are the pits.



  1. Summer colds (well, ANY cold) really are the pits.

    Glad you got all the technical stuff figured out.

    Here's to a productive week and tons of sales at our booksigning this weekend!

  2. Get well so you can do all the things you do so well!



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