Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Day 3 of Unemployment

Clean the hallway closet I didn't get around to doing yesterday.

Get more words done on my manuscripts.

Walk Rascal and get some exercise. (I forgot to add this one yesterday, but I remembered in time for us to get a great afternoon walk for half an hour. It's essential I don't skimp on exercise, so Rascal may as well also get some) Good Paul may even join us, since he's off today.

Seing as the DH works two days a week, which means the rest of the week he'll be home at the same time as I am, this could present a problem in getting projects accomplished. For one thing, he's very much allergic to dust, so how can I clean the closet without his having sneezing fits?

He also has favorite TV shows which he may lure me into watching.

I have a feeling I'll have to set ground rules if I'm to succeed in my goals, or resign myself to not getting as much done.

After being married as long as we have, I'm sure we can work something out.


  1. Morgan, I have been trying to get more exercise, too, and my dog is loving it. As for the TV interference. My husband is retired and watches TV endlessly. He does like me to watch with him, but I reserve that for evenings. I go into my office every morning by at least 9 and work until close to 5, just like I did when I had another full-time job. Except with this one, I can take a break and do a load of laundry. LOL

  2. I used to get nothing done when my husband was home from work. He's learned to respect the daytime as my 'work' time, whether he's working or not.

  3. Okay, I see that there will have to be some adjustments. But not being able to clean the closets is a gift!

    I totally agree that it's difficult to make decisions sometimes. I spend way too much time in the evenings watching TV with my DH. He travels so much that I sit and watch stuff I have no interest in just to be there with him.


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