Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Day Two of Unemployment

Day Two Goals:

Get some pages done either on Diary of a Nervous Baby Boomer or A Bad End - maybe both.

Temporary Setback - I got an email from Farmville saying my crops were ready to harvest, so I had to go over there, harvest and plant. Talk about setting priorities!

Okay, now I'm getting down to business. After the writing, my other project will be -----

Clean the hall closet.
It's so bad, I can't close the door.

Here's the before picture. This project may take longer than one day!

Wish me Luck!


  1. Farmville...I wonder if they could come up with an application that would actually pay you for harvesting?...no? ;)

  2. I avoid Facebook games like the plague especially now that I've rediscovered my daytime soap addiction!

    Breakfast Every Hour

  3. 677 pages done this morning on A Bad End, bringing my total up to 2,235!


  4. Day Three - delete Farmville from my Facebook! LOL


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